Platform Features


User Registration and Authentication:
User Registration
- Utilize the straightforward registration pathway on JUNO, providing essential information like Name, Email, Password, Profile Image, Company, Title, Custom Interests, and Skills.
Pre-built Integrations to Popular Registration Platforms
- Sync crucial user and registration data to JUNO with pre-built integrations to popular registration platforms.
Single Sign On / Registration API
- Integrate JUNO with your platform for Single Sign On and Registration connections via API (Additional Fees May Apply).
Magic Links
- Allow secure, time-limited links for sign-in, eliminating the need for users to remember passwords.
Security & TLS Certification
- JUNO ensures a secure connection through TLS certification, authenticating the website's identity and encrypting transmitted data.

Member Profiles and Personalization:
Member Profiles
- Members can customize their profiles to enhance personal connection, foster engagement, and promote meaningful networking and collaboration opportunities.
Mandatory Profile Completion for Essential Data Capture
- Streamline onboarding and profile completion to capture essential member data, enhancing the user experience and providing valuable fuel for AI engines and connections.
Custom Domain/URL
-Opting for a custom domain/URL empowers you to craft a unique and distinctive member experience, providing increased control and recognition in the digital landscape.
Platform & Sitewide Branding
- Customize your Platform's global colors, font, and images to guarantee a seamless and branded aesthetic. This ensures a professional and memorable user experience, creating a cohesive visual identity across your entire site.

Navigation and Content Organization:
Main & Sub Tab Navigation
- Allow members to creatively explore your site through customizable main and sub-tab navigation. Integrate and tailor these tabs on any page, enabling extensive personalization and providing members with uniquely layered content experiences.
Tagging & Filters
- Generate tags for your site aligned with your brand and trending topics. Apply these tags to content across the site, enabling members to effortlessly search, filter, or receive recommendations based on their preferences and interests.
Dynamic Personalization with Tag-Based Content Management System (CMS)
- Utilize JUNO's machine learning for a dynamic, personalized experience. Efficiently manage content through tags, ensuring a tailored experience for members.
Learning and Content Management
- Learning Pathways with Built-in LMS (Learning Management System)Organize content into a curriculum with defined flows using self-service course, course requisites, credit and certificate creation and management tools.
Interactive Content Feedback
- Create and integrate polls, multiple-choice questions, ratings, rankings, and fill-in-the-blank inquiries across your platform—from live sessions to library content. Engage your members, test their recall, and gather valuable feedback precisely where it matters.
Gamification & Leaderboards
Assign point values to various actions around your site, enabling members to compete for top positions on leaderboards by completing them.
Content Self-Service Tools
- Unleash your creativity with our Content Self-Service Tools, allowing you to craft and update Courses, Community Groups, Sessions, Speakers, and Exhibitor suites.

Analytics and Reporting:
Robust Analytics Tracking
- Maximize your understanding of every facet of your platform using JUNO's integrated analytics dashboard. Gain access to invaluable real-time and historical data, covering members, events, sponsors, community participation, learning engagement, networking activity, and eCommerce.

Live Sessions and Video Hosting:
Comprehensive Live Session & Pre-Recorded Video Hosting
- Dive into dynamic sessions with our platform—native live streaming, presenter access without downloads, and precise pre-recorded video control. Enjoy automatic and manual screen layout switches for optimal viewing, along with a miniplayer for continuous viewing and multitasking.
On-Demand Content Library
- Facilitate the on-demand consumption of various content types (video, audio, text) with features such as search, tags, and content filtering for enhanced accessibility.

Business Meeting Tools:
Advanced B2B Meeting Tools
- Suppliers can share a single appointment calendar for their organization with all the tools for a seamless experience: find time, accept, reschedule and cancel all in one place.


Event Landing Page
- Craft a captivating event introduction with countdowns, sign-up options, and account creation for seamless participation.

Upcoming Session Reminders
- Receive timely reminders with countdowns for your next scheduled session, ensuring you never miss a moment of your event.

Content Hosting and Interaction:
Live Video Hosting
- Native live streaming across all session types, fostering dynamic and engaging interactions.
Mainstage Sessions (1 or More:Many)
- Unlimited access to host mainstage sessions (1:Many) in various formats—live, pre-recorded, or simu-live—accompanied by detailed session information and speaker profiles.
Networking Rooms (Multi-Party)
- Foster real-time interactions in live video networking rooms, enabling attendees to chat, screen share, and connect effortlessly.

Session Engagement:
Live Session Emoji Interaction
- Enable users to express themselves and engage with speakers and panelists through emoji interactions, fostering a lively and participatory environment.
Live Session Chat
- Facilitate global live chat during sessions, encouraging real-time discussions and interactions among users.
Live Session Q&A
- Empower users to actively participate in live Q&A sessions, elevating questions through a "like" button for enhanced engagement.
Timed Live Session Polls
- Engage your audience with pre-determined live polls, providing real-time insights and enhancing the interactive nature of your sessions.
Live Session "Raise A Hand"
- Empower attendees to request participation in live sessions through the "Raise Hand" function, fostering direct engagement.
Live Session Moderator Chat
- Enable private communication between speakers and moderators during live sessions for seamless coordination.

Exhibitor, Sponsor, and Speaker Interactions:
Sponsorship and Exhibitor Suite
- Elevate sponsor and exhibitor visibility with custom pages, logos across the site, and engagement tools for enhanced interactions.
Exhibitor Meetings
- Streamline communication with exhibitor representatives through easy scheduling of video chats or instant interactions.
Speaker Profiles
- Foster meaningful connections with detailed speaker profiles, including images, descriptions, and links to personal information.

Data-Driven Insights:
Hosted Buyer Models for Success
- Utilize detailed meeting reporting data to facilitate successful and targeted buyer interactions.


- Provides a global directory of attendees and allows users to view others' profiles, add them to their contact list, and send a private message via email.

Personal Meeting Features:
Personal Meeting Rooms
- Allows for live video networking rooms where attendees can chat and screen share with others and talk in real-time
Personal Meeting Scheduler
- Enables users to schedule time with a sponsor, exhibitor, or other attendee.
- Adds scheduled meetings to the JUNO schedule for 1:1 private video meetings.

User Interaction:
Attendee Connection with Messaging and Video Chat
- Foster attendee connections with the ability to start a live chat anywhere on the platform.
- Easily transition from chat to a 1:1 video call for a more personal interaction.
Audience Targeting
- Create customized messaging for specific buyers entering an engagement suite.
- Buyers are served up interested exhibitors on personalized home pages.
Large Breakouts
-Breakouts with more than 25 participants create additional pages for a more reliable experience.Active speakers are automatically moved to the first page.

Community Groups:
Community Groups
- Microsite for group members within an event or community site.
- A central hub to highlight relevant content and engage with other group members.
- Initiate discussions with forum topics.Customize content, tag others, and engage in interactive discussions.Accepted attachments for forum posts (image, video).
- Like posts, comments, and replies within the forum.
- Chronological feed of user posts with text and images.
- Enable individual feeds on the course home pages.
- Customize content and engage with posts, comments, and replies.Add Feeds to courses for vibrant community engagement.

Accessing and Managing Individual Groups
Group Editor
- Admins can select the Group Editor from the Group Catalog page or within a Group home page.Create and manage community groups.
- Editable fields for title, slug, preview text, etc.
- Customize the About tab using the Body section with rich media options.
- Manage group visibility, add admins, and control release and end dates.
- Upload and edit images through Icon and Banner dropzones.
- Add and Manage admission and group members
- Upload and manage group files
- The additional Settings tab is for member privileges, tab visibility, and arrangement.
- Turn forum topic creation on or off.
- Manage tab visibility and customize tab order.


Learning Pathways with Built-in LMS (Learning Management System)
- Organize content into a curriculum with defined flows using self-service courses, course requisites, credit and certificate creation, and management tools.Customizable Education Credits (EC)
- Credits can comprise multiple pieces of content with a different credit value for each with measured participation reports.

EC Activity Tracking
- Ensure learners' participation in learning content and knowledge acquisition meets the required thresholds for earning credits.Certificates
- Allow users to claim credit and download a custom certificate of completion.Continued Education (CE) Activity Integrations
- Integrate awarded continued education credits to external tracking systems Spaced Learning
- Support-focused learning alternated with breaks with learning snacks and reminders. 
Learning Snacks
- Create tiny bits of learning available on-demand from any device.
- Assist learners with tracking certification and re-certification requirements.

Instructor Roles and Course Management:
- Elevate your course management with the Instructor role, allowing primary users to become course administrators and enabling instructors to edit, create, and collaborate on courses.
- Access Course-Specific Reports, downloading actionable insights in CSV format directly from Course Information pages.
- Dashboards provide an enhanced learning experience, offering a new course dashboard accessible through personal profiles, featuring filtering options and transcript downloads.
- Education Credits (EC) Dashboard manages credits from the My Profile page, streamlining credit management and customization.

Prerequisites and Course Management:
- Ensure course success with the Prerequisites Management feature in the Course Editor, allowing admins and instructors to verify learner prerequisites.
- Enhance learning with Prerequisites, enabling storage and passage of prerequisite information between the back and front end.
- Simplify course management with Learning's new Prerequisites feature, offering admins a user-friendly list view of all prerequisite tokens.

Course Editor and Workflow Optimization:
- Enhanced Course Editor Status Indicators provide visual cues for course status, aiding intuitive editing.
- Streamlined course completion for ungraded courses ensures precise credit assignments with built-in self-service tools.
- Optimize course creation workflow with the Clone Course feature, duplicating courses and saving time.
- SCORM and other Learning Package Integrations Support elevates content integration, supporting SCORM and other learning packages.

Reports and Data Management:
- Automatic 48-hour purge for completed reports in the download tab enhances report management efficiency.

Lessons and Content Creation:
- The automatic naming convention for lesson part titles in content creation ensures efficient bulk creation of questions.
- Lesson Review and Video Control empower learners with enhanced control over their post-course learning experience.
- Swift navigation between lessons with Next Lesson and Previous Lesson buttons enhances the learning experience.
- The lesson Retakes feature allows learners to enhance their journey by retaking lessons with flexible admin options and visual cues.

Learning Importer and Exporter Tool:
- The Course Importer/Exporter Tool allows precise validation, efficient editing, discarding, and confident publishing of course data, with a Change Log Tab for tracking and managing changes.


E-commerce and Product Management:
Product Management
- Streamlined product management for various types (course access, site access, education credits, and bundles).
- Simplified creation, editing, and search functionalities.

Pricing Levels Customization
- Customize pricing levels with the Pricing Levels section.
- Tailor options for different user groups.

Content Access Control
- Control content access through access pass management.
- Integration of Stripe for efficient product data and pricing level management.

Subscription-based Content Access:
Access Pass Integration

- Unlock precise control over content access with the new feature of integrating Access Passes.
- Tailor Access Passes to subscription cap preferences for a streamlined claiming experience.
- Enhance course management with updates to Access Passes, allowing integration with eCommerce and other requirements.

Learners' Access Management
- Manage learners' access in a user-friendly two-column table.

EC Credits and Access Passes
- Extend access pass functionality to EC Credits through a simple toggle in the editor, ensuring a streamlined and flexible learning experience.