Platform Features


Basic User Registration
- Registration Pathway on JUNO where users can create their account (Name, Email, Password, Profile Image, Company, Title, Custom Interests, and Skills)

JUNO Main and Sub Navigation
- JUNO includes the Main Navigation Tab where you can list out items such as (Live, On-Demand Library, Courses, etc). Under each of these tabs, JUNO allows for custom titled pages that can be configured with different titled tabs.

Tagging & Filters
- Ability to tag content based on topics, keywords, etc. This allows users to search and filter sessions and content on the front-end.

Custom Analytics by Page
- Creates a custom dashboard to view analytics on each page of the platform. From sessions to on-demand content, exhibitor and sponsor pages, view real-time analytics about views, clicks, downloads, and more.

Platform Sitewide Branding
- This allows you to configure the colors of the site and add in your logo.

Custom Domain/URL
- Provides a custom domain/URL for the platform

Content Polls/Questions/Rating
- Allows for Polls, multiple-choice, rating, and fill in the blank on content pages around the platform.

On-Demand Content Library
- Allows for the viewing of content (Video, Audio, Text) for on-demand consumption. Includes search, tags, and filtering of content.

Gamification & Leaderboards
- Gives a point value to all actions across the site and allows users to earn points by completing these actions. Examples include registering for a session, answering questions, attending a session, visiting a sponsor page, etc)

Security and TLS Certification
- To create this secure connection, an TLS certificate, ("Digital certificate”) is installed on the web server and serves two functions: It authenticates the identity of the website and encrypts the data that’s being transmitted.

Pre-Recorded Video Hosting
- Provides the ability to embed pre-recorded videos into sessions to start and stop at a specific time.

AI-Driven Recommendation Engine
- Recommend content and connections to attendees based on declared and discovered interests.

Pre-built Integrations to Popular Registration Platforms
- Sync crucial user and registration data to JUNO with out of the box integrations.

Content Self-Service Tools
- Create and update sessions, speakers and exhibitor suites with easy to use self-service tools.

Session Mini-player (Picture-In-Picture)
- Indulge users' desire to do two things at once with a floating session mini-player that let’s them explore the rest of the event without leaving the session.

Support Chat Bot
- Automate tier 1 support with our conversational AI chat bot. Seamlessly escalate more complicated requests to JUNO Live or client support agents.

Tag-driven Content Management System
- Create a dynamic, personalized event experience with JUNO’s proprietary machine learning.

Single Sign On / Registration API
- Provides for the integration of JUNO and your platform to allow for Single Sign On and Registration connection via API (Additional Fees May Apply)

Parallax Hero Navigation
- Immerse attendees in featured content with an edge-to-edge parallax navigation graphic (Additional Fees Apply)

Learning Pathways with Tracks and Courses
- Organize content into a curriculum with a defined flow using tracks and courses

Magic Links
- Users no longer need to keep track of yet another password. The platform can now send secure, time-limited links to sign in, no password required.

Registration, Data Capture Made Easy
- Users now required to complete their onboarding and profile to capture critical registration data, enhance the user experience and fuel AI engines and connections, even if they sign on with SSO or through an outside link.

Advanced B2B Meeting Tools
- Suppliers can share a single appointment calendar for their organization with all the tools for a seamless experience: find time, accept, reschedule and cancel all in one place.

Presenter Video Controls
- Gives presenters the ability to control their video, audio, and screen sharing via native controls within the JUNO Platform (No downloads required)

Showcase Rotator
- Highlight content, speakers, courses and other offerings with a multimedia rotator.


Live Video Hosting
- Provides for native live streaming within the JUNO platform for all session types.

Event Landing Page
- Landing page for your event where they can see a countdown to the event, learn more, signup, and create an account.

Mainstage Sessions (1:Many)
- Unlimited access to host mainstage sessions (1:Many). Sessions can be Livestream, pre-recorded, or simu-live. Sessions include a landing page for user registration, title, and description of the session along with a speaker profile.

Panel Sessions (Few: Many)
- Unlimited access to host panel sessions (Few: Many). Sessions can be Livestream, pre-recorded, or simu-live. Sessions include a landing page for user registration, title, and description of the session along with a speaker profile.

Networking Rooms (Multi-Party)
- Allows for live video networking rooms where attendees can chat and screen share with others and talk in real-time.

Event Schedule
- Provides an overview of All Event Sessions with a search/filter by session type (Mainstage, Panels, Breakouts). Also shows "My Schedule," a user's personal event schedule based on sessions they have selected to attend.

Sponsorship Suite
- Allows for a custom Sponsor Page. Sponsor Logos can also be placed throughout the site (sponsoring sessions, the event, etc) when clicked it will create a Popup that can be clicked to a full Landing Page. This also includes Engagement Tools where sponsors can add videos, live chat, polls, and questions, etc to their landing pages.

Exhibitor Suite
- Allows for a custom Exhibitor Page. Exhibitor Logos can also be placed throughout the site (sessions, the event, etc) when clicked it will create a Popup that can be clicked to a full Landing Page. This also includes Engagement Tools where exhibitors can add videos, live chat, polls, and questions, etc to their landing pages.Exhibitor MeetingsEasily schedule a video chat or talk now with exhibitor representatives.

Live Session Emoji Interaction
- Provides users with the ability to interact with speakers and panelists via emoji buttons that can be seen by all attendees and speakers.

Live Session Chat
- Allows users to engage in global live chat with other users during a session.

Live Session Q&A
- Allows users to engage in live Q&A by submitting questions to the speaker(s)/Moderator(s) of a session. Users can also vote these questions up with a "like" button. Also allows speakers or moderators to "share" the question and have it pop up over the video screen.

Live Session Polls
- This allows for pre-determined live polls during sessions with a timer that allows attendees to answer and when the timer ends provides a real-time percentage or correct answer for the question.

Live Session "Raise A Hand"
- This allows the speaker or moderator in a session to give an attendee(s) the ability to turn on their camera and microphone in a session and then turn it back off again.

Live Session Moderator Chat
- Gives speakers and moderators the ability to chat in real-time in a session in a private chat.

Speaker Profiles
- Allows for each speaker to have a profile image, description, and links for personal information for their session(s) (social, contact, etc).

Enhanced Live Sessions
- Questions in chat can now easily be moved to Q&A, user view automatically switches from grid view to presenter view when sharing slides, recorded sessions leave out the greenroom when archived, and so much more!

Hosted Buyer Models for Success
- Make the right meetings happen with access to data from detailed meeting reporting.

Upcoming Session Reminder
- Provides a reminder at the top of the page to alert users of their next scheduled session with a countdown timer.


- Provides a global directory of attendees and allows users to view others' profiles, add them to their contact list, and send a private message via email.

Personal Meeting Rooms
- Allows for live video networking rooms where attendees can chat and screen share with others and talk in real-time

Discussion Forums
- Discuss topics and share knowledge with other users in threaded, text-based discussion forums organized by topic

Group Hubs
- Microsite for group members within an event or community site. A central hub to highlight relevant content and engage with other group members

- Chronological feed of user posts with text and images

Personal Meeting Scheduler
- This allows for users to schedule time with a sponsor, exhibitor, or other attendee and have it added to their JUNO schedule for a 1:1 private video meeting.

Attendee Connection with Messaging and Video Chat
- Foster attendee connections with the ability to start a live chat with an attendee anywhere on the platform. Easily transition from chat to a 1:1 video call to get more personal.

Audience Targeting
- Create customized messaging that specific buyers see when entering an engagement suite. Buyers are also served up interested exhibitors on personalized home pages.

Large Breakouts
- Breakouts with more than 25 participants will now create additional pages to reduce the CPU and network requirements to provide a more reliable breakout experience for your users. Recently active speakers are also automatically moved to the first page.


Customizable Continuing Education
- CE activities can be comprised of multiple sessions and have a different credit value for each session with participation measured and reported.

Recommended Courses
- AI-driven content recommendations based on users interests and learning objectives

CE Activity Tracking
- Ensure learners' participation in learning content and knowledge acquisition meets required thresholds for earning CE credits

CE Certificates
- Allow users to claim credit and download a custom certificate of completion

CE Activity Integrations
- Integrate awarded CE to external CE tracking systems

Dynamic Pathways
- Create learning pathways dynamically based on learner competency, knowledge acquisition, and self-assessment feedback loops

Spaced Learning
- Support focused learning alternated with breaks with learning snacks and reminders

Learning Snacks
- Create very small bits of learning that are available on-demand from any device at any time

- Assign learning content and tracks along with due dates and configurable reminders

- Assist learners with tracking certification and re-certification requirements

- Author interactive learning content within JUNO