Increasing Member Engagement and Brand Loyalty with One Digital Platform

To truly engage members, it takes more than an email list or an annual conference. While newsletters and sporadic events had their time and are still a great addition to your strategy, they shouldn’t be the focal point anymore.

You must create an online community to build a loyal member base.

Not only is it important that you build a personal relationship with your members, but you should also be creating a community in which they can thrive. This means opening up opportunities beyond just what your brand has to offer in product or service.

You can offer your community members solutions and tools to network with other members, discuss industry trends, find support, and gain more knowledge in their field.

But how do you offer all this as just one company? How do you increase member engagement and connect with more members? You utilize the power of an online member engagement platform.

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What does an online member community mean for my organization?

An online community for your brand or organization can come in many different forms. Essentially, it's a group of members - which can include customers, partners, stakeholders in your company, and other professionals in your industry - who collaborate with each other to achieve greater goals. At the core of the idea of an online community, growth is the main focus.

Your community, specifically, should be a place for members to come back to over and over again to find solutions to their biggest challenges, human connection, and opportunities to grow, network, and build ideas.

Why build an online community?

All organizations can benefit from building an online member community. Here are a few reasons your team should focus on expanding your business by embracing a community.

Increase member engagement and retention

Creating an online community where members can go to for solutions is one of the best marketing strategies you can utilize. When member engagement increases, member retention regulates. 68% of branded communities say that the community has helped create new leads, and 55% say it has increased sales.

Improve your product or service using valuable member feedback

Nurturing an online community can also help you improve your product or services. Allowing members the chance to give input and feedback is a good thing - businesses that invested in communities saw a 77% increase in workplace efficiency and 52% increase in innovation speed.

Show your brand is transparent and authentic

Open communication and brand transparency is vital to getting more members on board. Hosting webinars and other events where you speak authentically with your audience is what people want more and more of. 88% of consumers say that authenticity is a key factor when deciding what brands they like and support. Sharing the goings-on of your company often through events and discussions only benefits your brand, as well as your users.

Continuously manage relationships with members

If you have one place where you can interact with members on a regular basis, your odds of building lasting relationships and loyal customers are stronger. This, in turn, increases revenue. Any associations you create with your members ensures the health of your brand's reputation.

How do I build an online community?

There are a few steps and aspects to creating an online community that works to both help your brand and connects members of your community. Before you begin, you want to consider a few things:

Key Stakeholders

Who Is Your Target Audience? What Could Make Someone A "Member" Of Your Community?

Who Are The Key Stakeholders?

What Pain Points Are They Facing? What Specific Needs Can You Help Them With? 


What Platform Will You Use To Bring Your Community Together On A Regular Basis?

Once you can answer all of these questions, you can start or build or improve your online community.

What is an all-in-one member engagement platform?

A member engagement platform is, ideally, a platform that allows you to engage members of your community on various levels all in one place. This would include:

  • Hosting virtual or hybrid events, meetings, and conferences
  • Create discussion forums, take polls, host Q&As, or conduct surveys
  • Offer social feeds and groups
  • Grant access to education tools, such as webinars, exclusive content, and Learning Snacks
  • Share industry best practices and tips for success

Mostly, it’s a place for human connection. And there’s a growing need for more communities like what your brand could offer. 64% of online community members said they were visiting community platforms more often. 46% believed these communities had grown in importance to them over time.

member engagement platform
member engagement

What is JUNO?

The search for community software is over. JUNO software can increase and strengthen member engagement online. Our association management software has thousands of features and resources that can help to get in front of an audience, get the right content out there, and spark interest in your brand.

JUNO’s secure platform services let you open communications and offer members additional benefits. Host virtual or hybrid events, post discussion forums, create learning experiences for community members, and allow for networking opportunities. Create transformational experiences and drive results with gamification, human interest modeling, AI, monetization, matchmaking, video streaming, and analytics tools.

We also offer custom branding solutions so you can communicate with your members while sticking to your brand and voice.

Users can now easily access all of your planning and real-time data tools in one space, making it seamless to execute and improve upon your strategy as you go.

JUNO makes it easy for community members to engage in live, virtual or hybrid gatherings. JUNO stands out as a SaaS solution hyper-focused on UI with features that are relevant to associations of all sizes.
- Daniel Stones, Rocky Mountain PCMA Chapter

"With JUNO, we are able to turn this traditional gathering into a broader collaboration among members and industry partners."

- Michelle Mason, President and CEO at ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership.

"This platform enables PCMA to extend our digital strategy beyond events and connect our global community to continue conversation and learning."

- Sherrif Karamat, CAE, PCMA, President and CEO

"The JUNO Team is knowledgeable, organized, professional, VERY dependable no matter what time and day. They confirm with you, document it, then solve it, and communicate back."

-Hugh Lee, Digital Now 2020, Founder & President