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Virtual and hybrid events seem to be forever on the rise with no signs of slowing down. Virtual event attendees love the ease of hopping on a Zoom link and interacting in a digital booth to get the value of an in-person event without having to travel.

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Virtual events have increased in popularity by 35% from 2020. More and more companies are hosting virtual conferences rather than planning in-person events. In fact, 40% of events workers are planning to attend in 2022 are virtual, and 27% expect to attend more than they are already committed to.

Through this transition in the way we work today, many virtual event platforms have emerged, opening up a new and exciting tool for event organizers to boost virtual attendee engagement.

But not everything about virtual events can always be perfect.

Virtual event attendees, and event event planners, have some pain points when it comes to virtual, hybrid, and online events. But all of these concerns can be easily fixed with a virtual event platform.

Common Virtual Event Questions

What is a virtual event?
What is a virtual event platform?
How do virtual event platforms help optimize online events?

Audience and Event Planner Pain Points with Virtual Events

There are many issues that can happen during a virtual or hybrid event. It’s important to avoid any issues that might occur and make the experience as seamless as possible when you host virtual events.

There are two common pain points that come up with event attendees and how a virtual event platform can help you avoid them.

Technical Issues

Virtual events can get technically complicated very quickly. According to Eventify, 1 out of every 5 event planners avoid organising virtual events just because they don’t have the right tools or knowledge on how to plan one successful. When these same event organizers do dive into planning a virtual event, it can go very wrong when using multiple platforms.

Having a virtual event platform that comes with everything you need to not only plan the event but also monitor and get support for technical issues in one spot is immensely helpful to successful virtual events

Lack of Accessible Engagement Opportunities

Having everything you want your audience to do in one place makes their virtual event experience seamless and enjoyable. A good virtual event platform will not only offer you a virtual event space, it will also include other virtual event tools like chat rooms, polls and Q&A’s, webinars, presenter controls, virtual event booths, mobile event apps, and more audience engagement tools.

Having these accessible to you and your audience is crucial to a great virtual event platform.

How to avoid audience pain points and host a successful event with virtual event platforms

There are so many things you can do ahead of time and during virtual events to avoid losing your audience. Using a good virtual event platform is just the first step in helping event organizers create a successful virtual event and create authentic human connections.

Make it interactive

Make it interactive

Many event managers might only focus on getting speakers and making sure the Zoom working. But a truly great virtual event that keeps audience engagement high is one that is interactive. Virtual event platforms like JUNO allow you to interact with your audience before, during, and after the event through polls, Q&As, gamification, a virtual event booth capability, and so much more.

networking opportunities

Allow for networking opportunities

Whether through a discussion board that is live during and after the event or allowing for breakout rooms, there needs to be networking incentive for your audience. One of the best things about in-person events was human connection in a professional setting where you normally wouldnt have it. Event professionals know that - and virtual events don’t have to be missing it. For future events that will be virtual events, make sure you have networking features to enhance audience engagement.

Give time for breaks

Give time for breaks

In-person events have breaks - so your virtual events should too. Give your audience time between speakers or sessions to stretch their legs, get some water, eat lunch, or mingle. If you want too, it’s good practice to have something for your audience to engage with during the break just in case they want to stick around. The best virtual event platforms will offer ways for you to have breakout sessions, polls or surveys, and so much more during a break at your virtual event.

Technical support

Have someone monitoring technical features

While using a virtual event platform for your event greatly decreases the chance of technical issues ruining your virtual event, you could still run into issues. It’s important to have some one on standby ready to handle any mishap that may occur during your virtual event.

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Utilize a virtual event app

This is something that many in-person events utilize as well, but having a ready-to-go mobile event app can greatly increase your virtual event and empowers event organizers. There are virtual event platforms, like JUNO, that already have a working event app in the platform that you can customize for your specific virtual event. Find virtual event software that incorporates a mobile app feature and you are sure to increase audience engagement during your virtual event.


Keep engagement going after the virtual event

Virtual event planning is about more than the event itself. The event experience should leave virtual attendees thinking about your brand. The best virtual events platforms have solutions that help keep your audience engaged even after the event, or will help you easily plan multiple events throughout the year to keep the community thriving. Make sure include a CTA at the end of the virtual event (just like you would for physical events!) and follow up after.


Virtual events can be very effective when you anticipate and address audience pain points. Using a virtual events platform or a hybrid events platform that helps you do everything all in one platform and execute your event flawlessly.

"We spent a lot of time looking at conference platforms which had plug and play approaches to virtual meetings. JUNO was the first company who approached our conference needs with customization and creativity. The entire JUNO team has infectious positivity which helped us tackle our first-ever virtual event with confidence."

- Jodi Talia, Chief Development Officer, ACEP

"With JUNO, because we have a lot of things that we wanted to do and knew it had to be done differently, JUNO was willing to work together and figure out the best way to accomplish what we are trying to do.”

- Lukrecija LeLong, Meeting Planner and Event Program Manager

"We have wanted a central hub for our community for years prior, but couldn’t figure out how to do that until it was dropped in our lap due to the pandemic. Once it all comes together, you’ll start to see it organically grow. What’s really cool about the design of this platform is it’s so customizable. As your vision and needs change, the platform can change with you."

- Diane Kovats, CEO, ISCB

"The JUNO Team is knowledgeable, organized, professional, VERY dependable no matter what time and day. They confirm with you, document it, then solve it, and communicate back."

-Hugh Lee, Digital Now 2020, Founder & President