The Importance of Utilizing Online Community Engagement Platforms 
To Build a Lasting Brand

Community Marketing is one of the best strategies both B2C and B2B brands can utilize to boost engagement, increase conversion rates, and boost market share.

If marketers have learned anything over the course of the past few years, it’s that human connection is essential to building and maintaining communities. Finding out who your audience is and blasting them with ads isn’t enough to draw them in anymore. You need to consistently prove that your brand is trustworthy.

To do that, you have to build your community. There’s no better way to do that than by opening up the door to more people through virtual events and digital engagement.

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Why Build Digital Engagement?

Bringing community members together for virtual conferences and other events is about more than showing off your services. Strong and consistent engagement with your customer community helps build trust and familiarity with your brand.

Eliminate any barriers that might be keeping potential customers from learning about how your product or service can help them. Here are some reasons to continuously build audience engagement and enhance communication.

Audiences want to engage with brands more than ever
Understand your audience better
Increases transparency

Why Utilize All-In-One Online Community Engagement Platforms?

The answer is obvious - it makes things easier. Having a community engagement platform where you can connect with your audience in multiple ways will not only help you to plan and execute successful events and discussions, it will help you to build trust.

A recent JUNO white paper discussed how over 88% of surveyed professionals believe an online community is critical to a brand’s mission. Public engagement efforts are something not everyone does well if at all - so why not take the plunge?

What is JUNO?

JUNO is a community engagement platform for all digital engagement projects. You can easily host virtual or hybrid events, post discussion forums, create learning experiences for community members, and allow for networking opportunities.

JUNO's software creates transformational experiences and drives results with gamification, human interest modeling, AI, monetization, matchmaking, video streaming, and analytics tools.

Community engagement projects can be difficult to plan and manage across multiple channels. With JUNO’s platform solutions and resources, your team can save time and money on software, have all their data in one place, break down geographical boundaries, easily stream content, and promote stronger human connections with users.

Any challenges your facing right now with online engagement, our tools can help. JUNO allows you to:


Host Events, Meetings, And Roundtables

Spark conversations on discussion forums

Spark conversations on discussion forums, social feeds, and group hubs

Recieve community input and feedback

Connect with your audience

Connect with your audience through chat, surveys, polls, and Q&A’s

learning opportunities

Create learning opportunities through panels, webinars, certification trainings, and exclusive locked content


Get best-in-class customer support from a team with an industry high NPS score

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Access actionable insights and data to measure performance and improve engagement during the planning and execution process of projects

Whatever you need, JUNO is the only platform you’ll ever need to boost community engagement.

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Start your best engagement project ever

JUNO is one platform for all digital engagement. This software-as-a-service solution is embraced by innovative clients ready to make the digital transformation necessary for future success in events, member communications and learning.

JUNO has brought together over 10,000 users across five continents and delivered almost 50 million minutes of streamed content. Organizations like the Professional Convention Management Association, American College of Emergency Physicians, Network of Executive Women, American Heart Association, a Big 4 national sports organization, and a top philanthropic group have all chosen JUNO.

Tour our platform or get in touch with us to set up a personalized demo to learn more about what JUNO has to offer. You’ll never use another community engagement platform. Learn more at

JUNO makes it easy for community members to engage in live, virtual or hybrid gatherings. JUNO stands out as a SaaS solution hyper-focused on UI with features that are relevant to associations of all sizes.
- Daniel Stones, Rocky Mountain PCMA Chapter

"With JUNO, we are able to turn this traditional gathering into a broader collaboration among members and industry partners."

- Michelle Mason, President and CEO at ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership.

"This platform enables PCMA to extend our digital strategy beyond events and connect our global community to continue conversation and learning."

- Sherrif Karamat, CAE, PCMA, President and CEO

"The JUNO Team is knowledgeable, organized, professional, VERY dependable no matter what time and day. They confirm with you, document it, then solve it, and communicate back."

-Hugh Lee, Digital Now 2020, Founder & President