JUNO's Learning Experience Platform(LXP)

Surpass the competition with JUNO’s top knotch learning experience platform. Not only are we updating our platform all the time, we’re already a leader in emerging experience platforms.

Here is everything you need to know about JUNO’s learning experience platform.

What is a learning experience platform?

A learning experience platform, or an LXP, is a collaborative platform that allows businesses to create webinars, conferences, training materials, and other learning experiences. The goal of using these learning experiences is to engage audiences with the platform and the content using a personalized user experience.

While it can also be used for employees, its especially useful for brands looking to offer their audiences more opportunity’s to learn more about their industry. This, inturn, establishes your brand as a thought-leader in the space.

learning experience platform

What can you do with a learning experience platform?

The key features of a learning management system normally include everything you need to not only create learning content for employees and customers, but also tools to lead webinars, virtual events, and other types of conferences.

How to use JUNO's learning platform to be successful

JUNO allows you to connect and educare your audience. Human connection is at the heart of everything we do. JUNO’s learning management systems offer learning experiences in the form of:





Learning Snacks

Spaced Learning

CE Certificates

CE Certificates

SCORM Integration

SCORM Integration

On-Demand Content Creation

On-Demand Content Creation

Create Training Materials

Create Training Materials

JUNO allows you to connect and educare your audience. Human connection is at the heart of everything we do. JUNO’s learning management systems offer learning experiences in the form of:

Offer unlimited learning experiences

Every brand has an audience with learning needs in their industry -  and you can create a holistic learning experience with JUNO by hosting webinars and virtual or hybrid events. You can even help your employees learn more about the industry with internal events and meetings. Create customized learning paths and embrace personalized learning fro your entire audience and team.

Putting together a community with your brand's capabilities

Social learning is one of the most powerful tools for a brand. Learning experiences are about more than just teaching your audience how to do something - it’s also about getting them to connect with other people in the industry. Learning experience platforms like JUNO help brands find their audience and turn that audience into a community.

Fill knowledge gaps in the industry with JUNO's learning experience platform

JUNO’s community solution and learning experience platform offers essential features that allow users to engage in integrated physical and digital worlds seamlessly. With member to member networking, mentorship program, discussion forums, digests, group hubs and video meeting opportunities, JUNO’s Community offering is in a class by itself.

Increase learner engagement with machine learning and gamification features on the learning experience platform. Allow user-generated content, build learning paths, create social and corporate learning experiences for your audience, and  enhance your own learning internally with business training content for employee learning and career development.

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What is JUNO?

JUNO has helped thousands of other users across five continents build a learning experience for audience members, and supports event management, post-event analytics, interactive presentations, virtual conferences, attendee networking, live streaming, and so much more. Tour our platform or contact us to set up a personalized demo to learn more about what JUNO has to offer. Your team will never want to use another community engagement platform. Learn more at www.junolive.com.

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