Our Values: the 7Es

Our Mission

JUNO exists to advance good through human connection. Our unique platform unites individuals, content, and live experiences in an all-in-one Community Learning Platform. Enjoy seamless integration of LXP, Social, and Interactive Streaming.

When you work with JUNO, you can expect to experience our commitment to our 7E VALUES.

Expect Greatness

When we wake up in the morning we believe that TODAY matters. We see it as a gift and even an honor that air fills our lungs and blood races through our veins. We wake up and expect GREAT THINGS to happen every day

Earn Everything

We don’t ask for hand-outs rather we actively look for hand-ups. We are fearless to take new risks and work ourselves in and out of high-risk new opportunities. We believe in rolling up our sleeves, putting our names behind our work.


We don't aim to be second or take opportunities for granted. We don’t slide by putting off the hard stuff. We win because we outwork and out-hustle everyone! We don’t push work on others. We CLEAN THE CORNERS!


We don’t stop thinking or ideating. We don't accept what is. We know what got you here won’t get you there and we have no interest in staying here. We think outside the box and make everything we touch better, every single day!


We don’t fumble the ball on the five-yard line. We don’t forget the snap count or make senseless mental errors. We recognize the last 10% is what separates good from great. We don’t believe in or accept good, but we demand great from ourselves and those we choose to “do-life” with.


We are the force that moves mountains. We are not the second most passionate person in the room, we are not the second most hopeful person in the room and we are not the second most energetic person in the room. We are the wave people ride and the confidence that gives them the courage to dream!

End Well

We don’t believe in excuses. We don’t accept blame-shifting, when we mess up we never stay silent. We fearlessly and courageously own our actions. We dot “I’s” and cross “T’s”. We see every single day as a chance to end well. We never put off tomorrow what we can finish today.