When Harry Met Sally through Human Interest Modeling

Networking and connecting have always been challenging

Connecting in-person and online has always been challenging, so why not use AI and machine learning to make that experience the best it can be? Human interest modeling is JUNO’s proprietary formula for how to bring people together to achieve their objectives.

With any community software, connecting starts with a basic profile. Profiles often include an array of different things like name, email, age and so forth depending on the profile. However, to make community software work, that profile needs to be mapped in the background with rich artificial intelligence to connect that profile and its user to the right people, experiences and education.

JUNO’s Human Interest Modeling works in three stages.

Stage 1: Declare

Users declare what interests they have when creating their profiles. Declared interests could be industry-specific topics, business interests and personal hobbies as well as tags like events attended, company titles or aspirations.

Stage 2: Discover

Once users have declared what they are already interested in, JUNO’s software can immediately recommend content, upcoming events, roundtable discussions, etc. As time goes on, machine learning discovers new interests based on which content offerings and experiences attract each person.

Stage 3: Drive  

As each profile builds up enough declared and discovered interests, AI delivers personalized content, experiences and people to each individual that represent the topics and tags associated with their profile. Within this richer profile building exists a more robust view of each person’s needs and objectives.

All of this is accomplished through JUNO’s human interest modeling.

Once people have declared, discovered and have been driven content, people and experiences, you have created a community of learning and networking that brings people together.

A great example of this modeling concept is Spotify. Every Friday, Spotify sends out personalized playlists based on the music selections users have made. Within that playlist are a mix of individuals’ favorites, new songs and music to which similar-minded people listen.  

JUNO wants people to experience things they enjoy; we want people to learn and discover new information with the help of AI and our trending engines. As people continue to use the platform, JUNO gets smarter and can continue to drive the right content, experiences and people to every unique individual.

But wait, how did Harry actually meet Sally?

Let us take a journey to paint a better picture.

Harry is the CEO of a large winery in Southern California who is a part of JUNO’s 365 community platform.

Sally, who is also a CEO, just so happens to lead an organization in Oregon that makes custom wine glasses for wine-tasting events.

Both find themselves on the JUNO 365 community platform and begin to create their user profiles and declare some interests. After attending and discovering a few events, interacting with the platform and meeting new people, they are both recommended to attend a wine tasting event in California happening in a few weeks.

Naturally, this event stands out to both Harry and Sally, and they register. Luckily for Harry, he is only an hour away from the event and can easily attend in person. Sally is unfortunately a little tight on travel expenses, but she notices the event will be held in a hybrid setting where she can still attend the event from her computer screen.

A few days before the event, Harry and Sally both appear in each other's networking recommendation based on their past interests, as well as the upcoming wine tasting event. After sending a few messages back and forth about their businesses, Harry learns that sadly Sally will not be able to attend the upcoming wine tasting in person.

Not to worry!

Within JUNO’s 365 community platform, there is the ability to schedule and host 1-on-1 video calls and networking events. Harry and Sally set a time during the event, and although Harry was attending in-person and Sally was attending virtually, they were able to video call each other and chat about the event and business opportunities.  

For Harry and Sally, by simply interacting with the platform and based on the similar events they had attended, they were able to connect. Through their declared and discovered interests the human interest modeling system can connect them together for networking as well as the wine tasting event; it doesn't matter where they are in the world.  

The future of connection is taking software tools like human interest modeling to create network opportunities simply based on what people like and dislike. No more hoping for a meaningful connection; no more meeting people who aren’t even in the same industry; and no more hassle of going from connection to connection where people are unsure about creating positive progress.  

The power of connection within JUNO’s human interest model allows machine learning and AI to digest what people enjoy and how they interact with the platform to connect like minded people (like Harry and Sally) together to create positive interactions.

In the 365 year-round community experience, Harry and Sally not only enjoy their networking and learn through the education offering, but they advance their businesses too. JUNO unlocks the interactive power of communities, removing boundaries and accelerating engagement beyond tomorrow.