What’s New at JUNO: Models for Success

🚀 Making improvements and announcing them every two weeks is important to the team at JUNO. The speed at which we iterate is one of our differentiators. Join CEO & Founder Josh Hotsenpiller and VP of Product Gabe Casey biweekly as they discuss big product highlights.

Your SDP can be a Launch Pad for Users to Your Premium Content & Events

  • 📱 Host a One-Stop Shop for Education, Engagement - Ensure success in the digital transformation era with a Single Destination Platform that houses your  educational content, forums and events year-round to meet your users where they are with a consistent experience. PLUS give your users the value they crave with a Companion Super-App!
  • 📣 Market Your Events & Experiences Better - Use the content within your SDP (sessions, ePosters, speakers) as marketing material by making your 365 site open to the public. With one hub your users and non-users alike can rely on, no extra work is required to effectively market your experiences and convert members.
  • 🎟️ Users Can Unlock Premium Content at the Right Time in the User Journey - Show users what’s available and give them simple conversion pathways to gain access to paid content. Stop having to re-acquire your own customer for each product you offer.