What’s New at JUNO: Making Your Life Better

Experience and Performance Updates are made continually on JUNO 365 community platform!

Join CEO & Founder Josh Hotsenpiller and VP of Product Gabe Casey biweekly as they discuss big product highlights.

Meet Better

  • 👥 Digital Badges - Quick profile info is now visible by simply hovering over user avatars, giving the utility and feel of onsite badges.
  • 🔎 Find Connections - Seek out the right connections by filtering users with tags in our improved directory.
  • 📆 More Control for 1:1s - New tools to reschedule, cancel and add 1:1 meetings to your preferred calendar ensure you never miss an important opportunity to connect.

Accessibility & UI Improvements

  • 📋 Accessibility Compliance - At Juno, we want to empower every person to connect, learn and grow on our platform. By working hand-in-hand with trusted accessibility partners, the platform now complies with accessibility standards across the board and works with a variety of assisted access devices. Stay tuned for an in-depth Accessibility Compliance Report to come in a few weeks.
  • 🛠️ Finely-Tuned UI - Real-world testing and feedback from big clients has helped us tweak the usability, interface elements and labels across the platform to ensure the best experience for you and your users.

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JUNO is the service leader of live and on-demand virtual platforms that connects, educates and grows communities daily. Whether event participants engage virtually or in-person, Juno creates transformational experiences and drives results.

Our roadmap is continually evolving, mostly with the addition of new exciting items, and often with priority adjustments. Check out the 365 community platform today!