What’s New at JUNO: Learning Experience Platform

🚀 Making improvements and announcing them every two weeks is important to the team at JUNO. The speed at which we iterate is one of our differentiators. Join CEO & Founder Josh Hotsenpiller and VP of Product Gabe Casey biweekly as they discuss big product highlights.

Create Value for Your Users with an LXP

  • 💎 Turn JUNO Capabilities into VALUE for Your Users - Using JUNO tools to connect AND educate, all on a seamless, personalized mobile app experience, proves your value and vision with each use.
  • 👩 Tap Into Your Most Valuable Asset with AI - Your people are your biggest asset. With JUNO, blend your learning AND events together on a single destination platform to develop your networked community and use powerful AI to recommend connections for virtual coaching.

Want to learn more? Connect with a JUNO team member to review what our latest updates can do for you and strategize for success!