What’s New at JUNO: July 2021 Releases

Experience and Performance Updates are made continually with the JUNO event platform !

Join CEO & Founder Josh Hotsenpiller and VP of Product Gabe Casey as they discuss some big highlights from the past two weeks.

Connect & Engage

💬 Direct Messaging - Sometimes video chatting doesn't always feel right, at least off the bat. Users now have the ability to connect in a variety of ways with both DMs and 1-on-1 video, with all the privacy tools to keep you safe.

📣 Global Notifications - Organizers can now disseminate information and announcements in a pop-up notification to all users on the platform.

Create Magic with Improved Breakouts - Speakers and moderators now have the ability to teleport users in and out of timed breakout sessions, group them by tags, pop in and out of individual rooms and all-in-all create a seamless engagement experience.

Content & Experiences

📺 Picture-in-Picture - Multitask with ease with our new mini player! Users can now click away from their current conference session to explore other learning and networking opportunities without missing a beat.

📽️ Video Layouts for Every Session - New best fit layout option added in, with the option to toggle to speaker view to highlight content and panelists.

Chat/Q&A/Poll History Stays Live - If an attendee leaves a session and returns, previous chats, Q&As and polls will still be visible, allowing for more networking, more knowledge-transfer and less FOMO.

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JUNO is the service leader of live and on-demand digital platforms that connects, educates and grows communities daily. Whether event participants engage virtually or in-person, Juno creates transformational experiences and drives results.

Our roadmap is continually evolving, mostly with the addition of new exciting items, and often with priority adjustments.