What’s New at JUNO: Introducing JUNO 2.0

Making improvements and announcing them every two weeks is important to the team at JUNO.

The speed at which we iterate is one of our differentiators. Join CEO & Founder Josh Hotsenpiller and VP of Product Gabe Casey biweekly as they discuss big product highlights.

JUNO Launches 2.0 as a Single Destination Platform

  • 👩‍💻 Social Feeds for Real-Time Connection - The power of a social feed is real for building a close-knit community of users. Having one handheld place for not just your on-demand or streaming content from the event but also where your attendees can be seen and heard, to network and connect, is invaluable!
  • 👥 Event Experiences with Groups - Users can experience the event and the community with their immediate group, based on shared interests. They can: see content specific to the group on the group homepage; use the group feed to tell their story directly to cohorts; and even chat in-session with a private group channel.
  • 🔔 Give Your Users Value they Crave with a Super-App - Whatever your users experience on their desktop, they will be able to access the same on the JUNO companion mobile app. We have the technology that enables a truly seamless user experience and a direct line to your user on their second screen.
  • 📊 JUNO Makes Big Data Actionable with Analytics & Real-Time Dashboard - JUNO has always tracked metrics and offered reports, but now we've built more value into our infrastructure by creating an analytics API to help make valuable connections for you and your team to gain business insight for growth.