What’s New at JUNO: If You Love Zoom…

Making improvements and announcing them every two weeks is important to the team at JUNO.

The speed at which we iterate is one of our differentiators. Join CEO & Founder Josh Hotsenpiller and VP of Product Gabe Casey biweekly as they discuss big product highlights.

If You Love Zoom… You’ll Love JUNO

  • 🎸 Breakouts That Rock - Breakouts with more than 25 participants will now create additional pages to reduce the CPU and network requirements to provide a more reliable breakout experience for your users. Recently active speakers are also automatically moved to the first page.
  • 🔎 Better Attendee Experience - In-session attendee list shows speakers, moderators and staff in a separate “backstage” tab to make it easier for attendees to find exactly who they're looking for.
  • 🎓 Customizable Continuing Education - CE activities that are comprised of multiple sessions can now have a different credit value for each session.

P.S. We continually improve to be that Single Destination Platform for events and year-round community so extraneous platforms like Zoom become unnecessary. Learn about how PCMA is using an SDP to harness the power of a global community in next week's webinar!