Virtual Event Strategy Isn’t Just for Event Planners

When events went virtual, technology got hard to understand. As an Implementation Manager for Endless Events, Kyle Kocinsky thought learning more about digital strategy was key to helping clients not only understand technology, but how to properly build out their virtual events.

“We handle everything from pre-record with speakers, to helping clients select their event technology, whether that is just virtual events platforms or onsight technology and the implementation team helps implement it,” Kyle Kocinski, DES said. “Whether that's plugging in the data, graphics and information into the digital platform so everyone can access it or managing audience response systems on site for Q&A or polling, we really strive to help our clients plan for the future where we believe is hybrid.”  

Although Kocinski got his start helping plan concerts and festivals, his role at Endless focuses on the technology and how to make it work. Most importantly, Kocinski must understand how to communicate and work with event planners to help serve their clients needs.

To gain more insight on the planning process of events, the  PCMA’s Digital Event Strategist Certification Course caught his eye. Although this course may aid and appeal to event planners, the DES can be utilized by anyone within the industry eager to learn more about virtual event strategy.  

“Digital Strategy was one of the first modules; that's something we try to help our clients with today. User Experience and Engagement [is another module that’s been helpful] specifically with the implementation team is what we are really focusing on with our clients. It's a good foundational course to hit the ground running and put your own perspective on the events you will be doing.” said Kocinski.

Kocinski’s biggest takeaway from the DES: “Planning in person events we did not use analytics anywhere near as much as we should have. DES and their focus is tracking analytics, return on investment, making sure your sponsors are seeing that investment, your attendees feel like they are invested in, speakers feel like they are invested in, that helped me focus on planning virtual or hybrid events.”      

For Kocinski, primarily focusing on hybrid and virtual event experiences, believes in the future of hybrid event modeling. Although the concept of hybrid experiences have been around for awhile (whether we have realized it or not), new technology has raised the standard to what event planning can become.

“The ways we can do hybrid, now that event technology has boomed over the past two years, hybrid events today look nothing like what an hybrid event would have been called ten years ago. I’m hopeful in the fact that it's going to get more engaging and it's going to get more seamless for the attendee and the planner.” said Kocinski. “We can be smarter on how we are planning events moving forward now that we have this new technology.”  

About Kyle Kocinski

Kyle Kocinski is a Implementation Manager at Endless Events. From festivals to concerts and even project managing, Kyle has experience with all avenues of event and production planning. Kyle helps strategize with event planners to produce their in-person, virtual and hybrid events.

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