Space Age: Branson, Bezos Model a New Era Mentality

Going beyond status quo, envisioning open space to grow a hallmark at JUNO

July 14, 2021 -- Dallas -- Space travel for Richard Branson and other civilians aboard the Virgin Galactic, soon to be followed by Jeff Bezos on a Blue Origin flight, exhibits a space age mentality that encapsulates the shifting trends in meetings and events.  

“This is a period of massive change, of digital migration, for events and even for society,” said JUNO Founder and CEO Josh Hotsenpiller.

Previously deemed unattainable, civilian space flight has proven to be possible. With advanced computing technology and laser-focused tenacity, the teams at Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin have carried humans far beyond what President John F. Kennedy envisioned in 1962.

The beckoning frontier for association and business executives with feet firmly on earth is cyberspace, and this era of digital transformation embraces technology as a tool to the advancement of human needs. Communities gathering in virtual venues for the great pandemic virtual event boom, and those gathering year-round in digital community engagement sites show the power of connection, the need for belonging, remains. “The ultra-rich are not going into space alone,” Hotsenpiller pointed out. “They are instead connecting with people across industries, across generations, and that’s what community is -- connecting and learning from others.”

JUNO, a virtual experience platform that connects people at events and year-round in a 365 community platform, exists to serve those needs.

Since its own launch in summer of 2020, JUNO has sent thousands of virtual event participants from five continents into cyberspace to connect, learn and advance their objectives. The numbers continue to grow exponentially with over 30 million minutes of content streamed.

Organizations like the Professional Convention Management Association, American College of Emergency Physicians, Network of Executive Women, American Heart Association, a Big 4 national sports organization and a top philanthropic group have all sent participants into cyberspace on JUNO.

“We must turn now to extending the event experience and use technology to support members all year long,” Hotsenpiller said. “Events don’t have to be singular instances, for those focused on growth, they should not be. Our software supports events being part of a 365-day conversation that encourages interactions and furthers education.”

Ready to send your attendees into cyberspace for stronger connections and continued education? Let’s talk about 365 community platform engagement!