Small Steps to Big Change: Takeaways from our Online Chat with Megan Martin

Did you join us last week on for our chat with Megan Martin, CMP, DES, MPA, Associate Director of Conferences at International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer? If not, you missed some great insights. Below are some live tweets encapsulating some of the thoughts that came out of the session. Don’t miss our next online chat in the Small Steps to Big Change series. Register now!


What creates more value for your members? We can look at the software we use most in our every day lives for inspiration. Spotify, Amazon, Apple. They all make our lives easier. You have to design an event with your attendees and utility in mind


Martin encourages planners to not only seek out new models, but the best model for our audiences. And creativity is key. Now is the time to experiment and take risks with your programming. What worked before won’t work now, but with the right digital tools, we can make it better.


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