Product Update: Solid Engagement Strategies

🚀 Making improvements and announcing them every two weeks is important to the team at JUNO. The speed at which we iterate is one of our differentiators. Join CEO & Founder Josh Hotsenpiller and VP of Product Gabe Casey as they discuss big product highlights.

Features just part of Solid Engagement Strategy

📣 JUNO sells engagement and success, not features

Nobody asks for new features, they ask for a better way to put features together to execute their organization's unique goals

👬 Get new members involved right away with Introduction courses and remind people of the Value, why they are there, with planned and off-the-cuff group sessions, roundtables and more.

🚥 Multidirectional learning is considered a new trend, but humans have been doing it a long time. With JUNO tools you can:
—Provide a communal experience
—Let people interact horizontally, not just vertically
—Address more stakeholders: Who are they? What do they want? How do we deliver that?