Problem Solving for the Future: 5 Aha Moments from Innovative Launch Webinar with PCMA’s Sherrif Karamat

  1. Disruption is a part of life,” says Karamat. We have to be agile and prepared for the future  Make time for pre-mortems.
  2. “A strategy is a dime a dozen. It’s execution where you shine. It’s almost like your strategy needs to be execution! Anyone could dream of Tesla, but who was the one who made it happen?” At the end of the day, whoever solves the problem wins.
  3. Think like Apple. “Are you meeting your customers where they are? Are you available for your customer when they want to access you? If you’re not available for your customer, they’re going to go somewhere else. Anyone that is only prepared to offer something at at a single point in time, that’s a very transactional approach. You can buy an Apple product any day, hour, minute. Associations have to think like that. You need to be accessible.”
  4. Ideas & knowledge do not (and should not) have borders. Technology can now be used as a tool to democratize involvement, knowledge-sharing and, ultimately, problem solving. Building a community of like-minded individuals solves problems in that community so much faster.
  5. We need fierce competition. “I want people to steal my ideas. It keeps me sharper. I want someone to push me to be the next best me."

For all the insight from this brilliant interview, watch the full recording below.