PCMA, JUNO Execs Emphasize Importance of Community

Shortly after the announcement that JUNO would serve as the Single Destination Platform for PCMA, JUNO CEO Josh Hotsenpiller grabbed a few moments with PCMA President and CEO Sherrif Karamat. Watch the video or read their conversation below.

Josh: All right. So, Sherrif, good to see you. I’m glad you made it in [for IMEX America 2021]. We are excited about engaging PCMA members year-round. We know that they want to connect, learn and grow all year long. Why are you guys excited about engaging people all year long?

Sherrif: Well, you know what? In the world that we live in, with all the changes, people need each other and new ideas and they need their community year-round and that is why they need to be engaged.

I believe that year-round is also subjective. It doesn't mean that every day they need to be engaged but they need to be engaged; they need to be informed. I think something else, in the world that we live in is also won with an overloading of information and having organizations like JUNO and PCMA come together it really distills and simplifies complex matters so our members or customers can get trusted information, transparent information quickly and at their fingertips in bite sizes. That's why year-round is so important and we have to do it.

Josh: You said it best, it's community. Our members need each other. They need each other's ideas; they need each other's support; they need each other's motivation and we can't always be in the same city, in the same coffee shop all the time. What we can do is have a central place where we can come, ideate, encourage, challenge, and push because the future is going to depend on that.

Sherrif: Absolutely. And people together, we learn from each other, right? Learning today is not from someone standing in front of the room, it is about that community. I bounce ideas off of you, you bounce ideas off of me. I, then, internalize them and make them how it would suit my role.

Communities are so critically important. In addition to the learning part of it, community has taken greater importance in the world of all the issues we have in society lately. And so our industry has a platform for bringing people together, it doesn’t matter the channel, community plays a greater role.

Josh: And I love that because we'd had so much vertical leadership exchange, top-down, and we do live in a horizontal world; we absolutely live in a horizontal world, not a vertical world. So, idea sharing, user generated content, that is the future and we're excited to bring it together.

Sherrif: That is such an important thing. We live in a horizontal world. People closest to the problem, should be dealing with the problem.

Josh: That is exactly right.

Sherrif: Living in this vertical world is not solving our problems. In our society today, we need to be agile and in order to be agile we must be solving the pain points.

Josh: We’re excited, brotha.

Sherrif: Same here. Look forward to it.

Josh: Let's take on the world together.

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