PCMA EduCon Highlights 365 Engagement, Community

The recent hybrid gathering for PCMA EduCon brought together many professionals ready to look ahead at what the world needs now from its business events.

With a large group in Phoenix, a few hubs across North America and a lively group experiencing digitally, EduCon delivered the quality education and connections for which PCMA is known.

JUNO VP, Strategic Partnerships Peter Hodgen and Account Executive Dedra Schroeder were onsite for an immersive experience, and shared their biggest takeaways:

  • 365 community platforms are the Future!
  • Ongoing connection and engagement vs. One-off stand-alone events is the new normal
  • Everyone was talking about 365 community engagement
  • Thinking of your members as a community and how you connect, nurture, and engage them is critical to your growth

The quote of the event for Dedra: “The world needs conversations, communities, and creativity to put the world on a better path.”

VP, Marketing & Communications Dana Freker Doody experienced PCMA EduCon virtually, and had these top takeaways to share from the powerful Kristin Graham, the closing keynote:

  • Know the cognitive capacity of your audience/members. On tech and off, people need pauses.
  • Be strategic about the technology, because touching tech can help them lean in and connect with each other.
  • Don't pare down complexity of educational material but deliver content in more snack-sized pieces.
  • Conversations, chat +1s, interactions are micro movements that create a shared experience and reactivates brain in a different way.
  • Connection, community and collaboration leads to loyalty among business events attendees and members. Lean into these 3, because people are not going to get less distracted in the future.

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