Online JUNO Workshop Will Help Future-Proof Events

Opportunities to Extend Impact Need Strategy, Storytelling, Software

August 12, 2021 -- Dallas, Texas -- JUNO, a software company that connects and educates people in virtual environments year-round, will host an online educational workshop on its software platform to aid events, membership and association professionals envision the future.

“Magic happens when you zoom out from the detail, turn down the noise, and find the overarching theme that helps people connect,” says Kyle Short from Wisdom Capture.

That’s the opportunity offered at this online workshop. Short will join the CEO of 360 Live Media Don Neal and JUNO CEO Josh Hotsenpiller at 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific on Monday, August 23 for an hour dedicated to strategy, storytelling and software.

“Member-driven organizations are asking: How do you connect and educate people better at events and year-round in a virtual environment?” Hotsenpiller says. “Well, let’s talk about it.”

Participants can learn from these three experts in human design, human connection and human storytelling as they share powerful examples and relevant action items for creating communities in digital environments. The experience will be hosted on JUNO to allow access to the company’s software platform, which has been chosen by groups including Professional Convention Management Association, Network of Executive Women, American Heart Association, a Big 4 national sports organization and a top global philanthropic group.

Gain insight into how these professionals and their teams support clients and work together. Learn storytelling practices that create content to draw members in, strategy lessons to position your organization for the future and software platform necessities for enabling real connection.

“Connecting and educating in a virtual environment, and especially year-round, can seem daunting. This is the place to start and strategize about the path for  your event, association or business community,” Hotsenpiller said. “JUNO itself was built to connect people to networking, education and experiences. Digital transformation means peaks can come more often and engagement stays up year-round.”