How to Choose an Online Community Management Software

What is online community management software?

Online community management software is a tool that helps businesses and organizations connect with their customers and members. It provides a platform for communication and collaboration, and it helps to keep track of customer data and interactions. This kind of software can be part of another system, such as a virtual event platform or even an AMS or CRM.

Robust online community management software can help to moderate discussion forums and social media platforms, and it can also help to create and manage online courses and training programs.

In short, online community management software is a versatile tool that can help businesses and organizations engage with their customers and members.

How do you decide which software is right for your community's needs?

When considering which online community software to use for your community, it's important to think about what features are most important to you.

Do you need a platform that's heavy on customization, or one that's easy to set up and use? Would your community benefit from features like gamification or social media integration? Once you've identified your needs, you can start to narrow down your options.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you're comparing different community management tools. First, take a look at the pricing structure and make sure it fits within your budget. Then, read user reviews to get a sense of how easy the software is to use and whether people are generally satisfied with it.

Finally, try out each platform yourself to see which one feels more intuitive and user-friendly. By taking all of these factors into account, you should be able to find the online community software that's right for your community's needs.

What are the key features to consider when making your decision?

An online community should be a strategic part of a marketing, membership or overall engagement plan. The ROI from online communities is shown to be 4.4x in some studies, and over 10x in other surveys of professional online community managers. It is those managers who need to be able to keep track of the conversations, make sure everyone is following the rules, and continually feed content and commentary to keep people engaged. 

That's where online community management software comes in. Here we'll go over some of the key features you should look out for in any online community management tools. 

Community discussion forums

One of the great things about the Internet is that it provides a platform for people to connect with others who share their interests. This is especially helpful for people who want to learn more about a particular subject through the safety of a community forum software.

Online discussion forums provide a space for people to ask questions, share information, and engage in lively debate. The best forums are moderated by knowledgeable experts who can provide valuable insights.

In addition, forums offer a sense of community and connection that can be difficult to find offline. For shy or introverted learners, forums can be a great way to get started in discussions without feeling pressure to speak up in person. Ultimately, online discussion forums provide an invaluable resource for any community.


The ability to create courses can be a great asset for businesses and organizations that need a reliable membership community platform. It can help to create a more structured and organized way to manage online content and discussions.

Additionally, it can provide a way to create and deliver training materials to employees or members. This can be particularly useful for new employees or members who need to be brought up to speed on the organization's procedures and protocols.

By creating courses on a cloud-based community platform, businesses and organizations can ensure that everyone is on the same page and has the same understanding of the organization's goals and objectives.

Live streaming

Live streaming has become a popular way to connect with friends and family, share news and events, and even build a following of fans. For online community managers, live streaming can be a great way to connect with members in real-time, build relationships, and create a sense of belonging.

Live streaming can also be used to share announcements, run live Q&As or polls, and even offer behind-the-scenes access to members through a community software platform. When used thoughtfully, live streaming can be a powerful tool for event management and building an engaged online community.

User profiles

This feature can be an extremely beneficial community management tool for a number of reasons. It allows members of the community to get to know each other better. Profiles provide a great way to share information about oneself, including interests, hobbies, and contact information.

This can help to create a stronger sense of connection between members of the community. Additionally, profiles can also be used to moderate content and permissions.

If a particular user is consistently posting inappropriate or offensive material, their profile can be flagged in order to keep the community safe and welcoming for everyone. Ultimately, profiles are a valuable tool for creating and maintaining a customizable community platform.

Q&A and polls

These features can be a great way to encourage active participation and get feedback from members on a variety of topics. For example, Q&A can be used to solicit advice or input on community decisions, while polls can gauge member opinion on anything from upcoming events to new features.

In addition, these tools can help build a sense of connection and community by giving members a chance to interact with each other on a more personal level.

Ultimately, incorporating Q&A and polls into an online community management software can help create a more engaging and dynamic community.

Reporting and Analytics

An online community management software helps you to keep track of who is participating in your community, what content is being created, and how engaged users are. But that's just the basics. The real power of this type of software is in the reporting and analytics.

By understanding how your community is being used, you can make better decisions about how to grow and improve it. For example, let's say you want to increase user engagement. By looking at the data, you might see that most activity is happening in the evening hours.

You could then adjust your posting schedule accordingly or start a discussion forum that encourages users to interact with each other outside of the traditional posting format.

The possibilities are endless - but it all starts with good data. So if you're not already taking advantage of the reporting and analytics features of your online community management software, now is the time to start!

What are the benefits of online community software?

Here are five benefits of using an online community management software

1. Keeps your online community organized and easy to navigate

An online community management software is key to keeping your online community organized, cohesive, and easy to navigate. The software provides a central location for all of your community's members to gather and communicate. This makes it easy for new members to find the information they need and allows established members to easily connect with one another.

Additionally, the online community platform helps to keep track of important conversations and events within the community. This ensures that nothing gets lost in the shuffle and allows community members to quickly reference back to important discussions.

A good online community management software will provide tools and resources to help community members stay engaged and involved. This might include features like message boards, chat rooms, or even gamification elements.

By offering these engaging features, you can encourage continued participation from your community members and ensure that your online community remains active and thriving.

2. Helps you stay connected with your members and keep them updated on news and events

Any business owner will tell you that building and maintaining a community is essential to success. A sense of connection can help customers remain loyal and connected to your brand communities, and it can also encourage them to refer their friends and family.

In the age of the internet, it's more important than ever to stay connected with your online community members and keep them updated on news and events.

The key is to make sure that your communication is clear, concise, and engaging. By staying connected with your community, you'll build loyalty and ultimately drive more business.

3. Makes it easy to track and respond to comments and messages from members

Maintaining an online community can be a lot of work, but it’s also essential for building a strong and engaged customer base. One of the most important aspects of community management is responding to comments and messages from members.

This shows that you are listening to your customers and that you value their feedback. It also helps to build rapport and trust, two things that are essential for a healthy community. In addition, responding to comments and messages can help to resolve any issues that members may be having.

By tracking and responding to comments and messages, you can ensure that your online community remains a thriving and supportive space for your members.

4. Provides tools for analyzing data collected from your community members

In order to make the most of your online community, you need a software solution that provides powerful tools for analyzing data and driving engagement.

With the right community management software in place, you'll be able to track everything from the number of new members joining your community to the number of active discussions taking place.

You'll also be able to identify areas where your community is thriving and areas where there is room for improvement, like social media management. By understanding how your community members are interacting with each other and with your business, you'll be able to make changes that drive more engagement and better results.

Investing in a quality community management software solution is an essential step for any business that wants to get the most out of its online community.

5. Helps you create a more engaging and user-friendly online community

Any online community that wants to be successful needs to focus on engagement. An engaged community is one where members are actively participating, sharing content and ideas, and interacting with each other.

A user-friendly community platform will make it easy for members to find the information they need and connect with others who share their interests. In addition, a well-designed online community will help to build trust and commitment among members.

With so many competing demands on our time, it's important to make sure that your community is providing value that members can't find anywhere else. By focusing on engagement, you can create an online community that members will be proud to be a part of.

Final thoughts

There are many benefits to having an online community management software for business owners. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that a community management platform can help to keep track of customers and their interactions with the company.

This information can be used to improve customer service, as well as to identify potential issues early on. In addition, it can help to build and maintain a positive relationship with customers.

By engaging with customers on a regular basis, businesses can cultivate a loyal following and create a strong sense of brand identity. In short, there are many good reasons for business owners to invest in an online community management software.