NAPCS Selects JUNO for Digital Experiences

Education Leaders to Use Leading Platform to Create Connections, Educate, Grow

June 15, 2021 -- San Diego -- With community education at the heart of JUNO, supporting the National Association of Charter School Professionals is natural. For an association squeezed by the pandemic, yet still wanting to create the best experience for its community, JUNO was an ideal fit.

“We wanted to be able to have more networking, a better exhibitor and sponsor experience and just a more engaging platform,” shared Angela Christophe, Producer of National Charter Schools Conference for NAPCS. She cited the capabilities of JUNO’s virtual event and networking platform and the service level of the team as major reasons for the decision.

From the outset, JUNO stood apart from competitors: “I felt like they were going to be responsive to my needs. They had a lot of questions for us and what our needs were, and we weren’t just buying something off the shelf that couldn’t be customized at all.” Plus, JUNO was able to negotiate when “a lot of companies wouldn’t even directly discuss costs.”

With empowered teams and powerful technology, JUNO is responsive to the needs of association professionals, event organizers and their stakeholders -- the members, attendees, exhibitors and sponsors that must be engaged to connect, learn and grow.

JUNO’s tags and AI will fire up the National Charter Schools Conference. Among the benefits is the ability to “search content by people’s interests to attract people to the content most interesting to them, a more engaging exhibit hall and more networking among attendees to create that sense of community that we didn’t find on other platforms,” Christophe said. “There are lovely things called breakouts, which allow as many as 50 people to do their own kind of content and conversation. So we’re going to use those Breakouts to create some little sidebar conversations that allow for more attendee-led content, which they are going to love."

Teachers are struggling, they want to talk to each other, they don’t want to just listen to experts. They want to communicate directly with each other.

“We’re also going to create networking opportunities for them, things like homerooms where people can meet by interests; we did all these sub-interest groups that allow you to find your people. [Peer-to-peer learning] can get lost in the virtual environment and it’s sometimes why people disengage.”

All these elements are part of JUNO’s end-to-end solution for virtual events, hybrid events and digital experiences.

“When people are connecting and learning, we all win” is part of the JUNO ethos. By providing hands-on service from content and technology experts leading up to and during events, JUNO is uniquely positioned to support associations where staff members have higher priorities.

“I am looking forward to the number of team members and the level of support we’ll have,” Christophe said. “2020 was very traumatic for us producing a conference. We have a very small team, and we were all incredibly burnt out.” NAPCS is wowed by the fact JUNO has everything from a dedicated success manager to a team of people who consistently work with each client.

We are working with them and THEY will build the platform for us. They will support the production of the live events. And they even do really cool things like manage the green rooms. So that when presenters log on, we don’t have to use all of our staff capacity managing the speaker waiting rooms. JUNO will be doing that.  So I’m most excited about the increased capacity that we’ll have this year as a staff.

This is a really big deal, and I have to be honest this was a big part of our selection process because it amazes me the level of support that you are providing us for the price point you are providing it for, and that would have been an absolute deal-breaker for us.

“JUNO did show that it was really committed to what we were trying to do, and that has made a tremendous difference.”

NAPCS will run its National Charter Schools Conference from June 20-23. Learn more about JUNO’s technology and team at


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