More Intersections of Connectivity for Year-Long Engagement

Takeaways from JUNO’s On-Demand Session for BizBash 2021 at Connect Tampa

JUNO’s Josh Hotsenpiller and Dana Freker Doody joined hybrid audiences for BizBash at Connect Tampa August 30 through September 1 to talk about creating more intersections of connectivity for your events and beyond. How can you create more intersections of connectivity for your members? Here are our tips.

Make it Modern

We’ve witnessed what’s possible in digital connection over the last year and a half and are finding people want more and richer connections without losing the ease and accessibility of our favorite digital tools.

Whether it is physical, digital or virtual, events are moments in time in which two or more people connect. We’ve seen that video has become a mainstay in the way that we connect post-COVID. It’s about real-time connectivity and knowing where people are that makes them feel closer. Enabling all the digital tools to connect is the place to start to create year-round intersections of connectivity to and between your members.

“When people are connecting and learning, we all win. A great example, you could be passing somebody in a hall just because you’re in a physical space but you’re not connecting with them, you’re not able to learn anything from them, and so virtual events, in particular 365-day communities, enable those tissues of connectivity to become so rich throughout the year.”

People want to connect all the time. We’re used to connecting all the time. Our old physical-first model and way of thinking limited that.

Make It Easy

Hybrid event tools allow for boundaryless connections, beyond geographical, financial, physical or perceived barriers. When more people are connecting in new ways that break down boundaries, that’s when change happens. For our businesses, for society.

There is a collective anxiety among event planners and association professionals on how to create virtual, in-person and hybrid bridges for their attendees and members at a hybrid event. The trick is to provide those real-time, boundaryless connections, and find a trusted partner to enable your vision.

Make It Valuable

Keep building more intersections for peaks year-round. Organizations don’t have to go from that event high to fighting for the value proposition the rest of the year; they can skate to where the puck is going. Adapt to where the audience is going.

The generation evolution of screen-first audiences with shorter attention spans gives us new opportunities to reimagine the way we produce and promote our content and experiences. It's exciting! Think micro- content and experiences that happen year-round, 365, instead of longform white papers, one-off networking events and an annual event peak that leads to a drop-off of connection and learning for your members and a scramble for your team to prove the value of membership the rest of the year.

And the platform can keep learning to better your product. With AI and machine learning using declared and discovered interests from your members to drive recommendations, your product, like Netflix and Spotify, provides greater value and a better experience for your users the more they use it.

We’d love to connect with you! For more insights on hybrid events and digital transformation, follow Dana on Twitter here, and for more expertise on community building and the software that supports it, follow Josh on LinkedIn here.