Major Intersection: The Trade Show Floor

The newly designed place for innovation and rewards

Lights, booths, exhibitors, and conversations: the place for products, demonstrations and creativity to flourish for thousands of exhibitors and attendees. What might catch your eye? It’s hard to say on the trade show floor.

From tasting free samples to seeing new ideas, trade show floors are a great way to kill time and connect with others. Although the main stage can sometimes take the spotlight, the trade show floor is another vital intersection of connectivity that brings along the most interaction and more personal conversations.

Is that still possible in a hybrid setting? It sure can! Things will just look a little different.

Buyers and sellers can actively navigate the JUNO platform to see new products and meet new people. Attendees can imagine themselves walking about the trade show floor from their computer screen, and they will still receive the same value as if they were in person. Exhibitors who are in-person will have the opportunity to sell their products to people on the digital screen.  

JUNO allows members to unlock rewards and new relationships just by visiting a sponsor environment! JUNO’s digital platform can offer tailored connections and opportunities that stretch beyond an in-person floor. Creating those connections is a simple click away, and before you know it, a buyer and seller are meeting 1-on-1 through live video communication!

JUNO understands that it is tough to replace the emotional and physical experience of events, but a hybrid platform can offer more value for the consumer experience, greater connection reach, and a better return on investment. JUNO’s digital platform will complement and engage your event so attendees can take those conversations that end on the trade show floor beyond tomorrow.  One way that JUNO can create more connection opportunities with a digital space, is with strategic networking. Why not use AI to help create new opportunities and to keep people actively connected?

Email and text allow us to connect people with people, but more often than not those connections can easily be lost within the millions of other connections. The power that happens when two people connect can be unbelievable, but when those opportunities are empowered through JUNO, they don’t disappear when the event is over.

Imagine a world in which AI-driven tools suggested new relationships based on interests and geo-location! JUNO’s AI recommendation engines drive year-round strategic social networking. Maybe, a potential buyer and seller did not have the opportunity to meet during the event. JUNO can make sure that connection happens after the event is over.

If your organization utilizes JUNO for a 365 day a year experience, networking opportunities can continuously be created. While your event is underway, people in-person and virtual will have the opportunity to connect across the globe. When your event is over, JUNO can provide opportunities to extend the conversation. JUNO’s digital platform will help you Connect, Educate, and Grow your event experience beyond tomorrow.