Major Intersection: The Lobby

For many, the nostalgia of the event lobby is like no other.

Conversations, laughing, and connection come together in one big loud open space full of opportunities and excitement for the event day experience. Where could you go? Main stage or off to the trade show floor? Why not meet up with a co-worker in the lobby to decide? Have time between sessions, why not head to the lobby and see what’s happening?

The Lobby is a critical intersection of connectivity at an in-person event. If you traveled with friends or colleagues, or simply meeting up with a new connection, the lobby is always a physical place, easily recognizable, and where kickstarter conversations would start or end the day.  

The Lobby offers a place where people can make those new connections and it is as simple as saying “hey, meet me in the lobby.” For many, it’s an energy-giving place, but for others it’s intimidating or downright awkward. We have learned more and more about how extroverts, introverts, and ambiverts in-between interact with others.

In the shift to Digital Experiences, the virtual lobby is still an unbelievable tool to get people together and to provide a central conversation kickstarting space. Humans are still drawn to lobbies to connect, meet, and discuss new ideas, it just looks different in the virtual world. “Meet-up” spaces will be easy to find and easy to connect in through digital space for virtual events and hybrid events.  

Think of the digital lobby as its own virtual matchmaking room where AI-driven tools suggest connection opportunities and provide tools to make connections in real time through video calls. If you’re not sure who to talk with or what to do at the virtual event, JUNO’s software can engage and create experiences for attendees that will still be impactful as if they are in person. In that way, the virtual lobby serves the same purpose as the physical one.

The virtual lobby can even be better than one in your convention center or hotel. Imagine walking into a Lobby and seeing hundreds of people who you don’t know anything about. Making connections with people can be engaging and exciting, but you can also run into many new connections that don’t impact why you are attending the event. Some people find it hard to make new connections because they are not outgoing or struggle to start a conversation.

Let AI do the awkward matchmaking for you and connect you in the new virtual lobby.

Then imagine a world in which each member has their own virtual room to meet up with one or more people to catch up on ideas and new networks. It’s as if they met in a physical lobby and took over a few of the chairs in the corner. JUNO offers individual virtual rooms and cohort journeys in which pre-selected or AI-driven connections allow people to meet up and take content.

JUNO sees connection differently, but we also see it with a purpose. However the lobby may look, JUNO can design your event to create connection opportunities based on user interests. The new virtual lobby will be the place where it all can be jump-started.

Let JUNO help you connect, educate, and grow your event experience beyond tomorrow.