Live Events to Living Ecosystems

We believe in going from live events to living ecosystems.

We know that your live event is the kickstarter and it's the spark for connection. We know that people all around the world deeply desire to get together and grow, but we also know that once a live event ends the desire to learn, connect, and the desire to evolve doesn't go away.

That's why we built JUNO to be a live event platform, and also a living ecosystem where we can connect people using our AI tools and our multidimensional tagging tools to drive content, experiences and people to individuals.

We know that we are living organisms and we know that we continue to exist, get fed, grow, and expand when we learn new things, when we connect to new people and when we experience new things. It's phenomenal to think that inside of a software platform exists people, new content learning, and experiences.

Get to know JUNO more and go from live events to living ecosystems.

~ Josh Hotsenpiller, Founder and CEO of JUNO