Lean Into Possibility: Takeaways from JUNO’s Online Chat with John Rubsamen

Did you join us last week on connect.junolive.com for our chat with John Rubsamen, Americans for the Arts? Here are our takeaways from the event, but you can also watch the recording within the Connect site here.

We are all feeling a deep fatigue right now, so how are we getting through it and into the next season? John reminds us that it’s all about perspective. “Rather than think of an endpoint, we need to revel in the possibility of the unknown rather than the uncertainty. Focus on the opportunity there.”

Rather than feel nervous for the future, feel excited. Same energy, different focus. And maybe even a different outcome. There are so many ways digital has improved our lives, and now, our events.

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Knowing that virtual is vital to your event strategy, you need to start thinking about accessibility. Are you bringing your value direct to your consumer where they reside most? Are you creating intersections of connectivity? Does your software support live chat, Q&A, and polling to keep everyone engaged? Does it have a companion mobile app? Everyone wants to be heard, but not all attendees are comfortable taking the mic, even if they are in-person. We expect these features as online users in 2021, if you’re planning events, you need to be delivering them.

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