JUNO Wins BIG with Innovation Recognition

Community and Events Platform Earns Award from Business Intelligence Group for Digitally Transformative Technology

January 19, 2022Las Vegas -- JUNO, a software company that connects and educates people on a single destination platform for events and year-round community, was recognized for the 2022 BIG Innovation Award presented by the Business Intelligence Group.

“It's been a lot of work to jumpstart JUNO so quickly and it's an honor to be recognized amongst leaders who have been doing it awhile,” said Leon Josaitis, VP of Engineering and Founder of  JUNO. “Innovation is about being creative, and we have a team that likes to push the boundaries of possibility. We skate to where the puck is going, not where it is, innovating and getting ahead of new ideas.”  

JUNO offers event and community professionals a Single Destination Platform for Events, Learning, Networking, and Analytics -- a Super App for communities. From day one, in early 2020,  JUNO’s developer team has been iterating and adapting to the market's needs.

“Users want to interact with a platform year-round, and it's important for us from a technology standpoint to understand what drives the connection and utility of the platform,” said Josaitis. “A lot of our innovation is a cerebral process that's interested in learning what drives people, what connects people, and what is useful for that connection to happen.”

JUNO’s latest partnership with PCMA will continue to push innovation within the platform alongside other 365 community platforms. The future of how communities connect will continue to adapt alongside the evolution of digital-first communicators.

“As we go forward, the integration of all of these connection components is our main focus. We are looking to build something that gives our clients more value than just single-use transactions with attendees, employees, franchisees or members,” said Josaitis.

“The recent award from the Business Intelligence Group is a real honor. It makes JUNO feel noticed and appreciated,” Josaitis continued. “It feels notable and validating to be recognized for innovation. It’s fun to be creative, and we love to pursue the new and fantastical and our team at JUNO love to see what we can do, rather than just replicate."

“This win goes to the product team, the developers, and everyone who had a role in building JUNO. We have a flat hierarchy in terms of decision-making, and there's a lot of planning, scoping, design, and research that goes into any product like ours.”

For the future of JUNO, innovation will continue to expand upon the next flight of 365 communities and Single Destination Platforms for associations to connect year-round.  JUNO's team and tech differentiate it from the rest.

"I’m so proud of this team of amazing humans," says JUNO CEO Josh Hotsenpiller. "Users want online platforms to be elegant, easy, and useful so that's how we built our Single Destination Platform. We want to position communities and events for the future. Innovative leaders are choosing JUNO to drive more value.”