JUNO Makes Endless Events’ Best Event Platforms to Use in 2022 List

From the article:

JUNO is the event platform built to make communities last. The platform offers matchmaking with 1:1 video chat, gamification, CE/CME accreditation with custom certificates, learning cohorts, and team grouping. PCMA announced their 365 Community launching in JUNO starting in January at Convening Leaders. JUNO’s companion mobile app will make it an easy and easy-to-access branded experience for your community to stay connected. Currently, this platform offers a simplified analytics dashboard with downloadable reports for users, session interactions, clicks, downloads, as well as supports API integrations.

Albert’s Aha! Feature: JUNO has mastered the modern learning experience that incentivizes learning to keep attendees on the platform for extended periods.

A note to planners: Branding opportunities are limited but this can help attendees stay focused on the content without being too distracted by platform ads.

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