JUNO and Life way: Preaching Beyond Tomorrow

JUNO, the service leader of virtual and hybrid platforms that connects, engages and grows event communities 365 days a year, is excited to continue its partnership with Lifeway Christian Resources.

Since October 2020 and into 2021, JUNO and Lifeway have produced six hybrid events to deliver unmatched attendee and vendor experiences to growing audiences.

“We really wanted to find a solution that felt like the DNA of our event; JUNO was perfect for this. We’ve done several events now, and we look forward to that continued partnership. We feel like JUNO is as invested in our success as we want to be; it feels like a team.”- Melita Thomas, Lifeway’s Communication and Kids Ministry Specialist

The virtual transition can be difficult for any organization. JUNO’s team was able to build an event tailored to Lifeway’s needs that included sponsors and exhibitors, plus education and networking so that attendees were able to have the same kind of conversations they would have at an in-person event.

“When COVID hit we were faced with the decision to scrap our plans for this year and call it a wash,” Thomas said. “I don’t see this going away anytime soon.”    

“We absolutely could not have done that without JUNO. Every issue that we came across was resolved because we were able to communicate directly. We were able to get ahold of JUNO quickly and if it wasn’t [resolved] within seconds it was within minutes.”

With this continued partnership commitment, JUNO is excited to tackle all of the possibilities that will take Lifeway beyond tomorrow.

“LifeWay was willing to jump in and try something new,” Travis Fitzpatrick, JUNO’s Client Success Manager said. “Their team is awesome; their team is agile, extremely positive, and optimistic about everything.”