JUNO 2.0 Launches with New Community, Event Features

PCMA Convening Leaders Among Clients Launching Single Destination Platform

January 25, 2022Post Falls, Idaho -- JUNO, a software company that connects and educates people on a single destination platform for events and year-round community, has expanded its feature set to present JUNO 2.0. The platform now includes Group hubs, Social feeds, discussion Forums, a real-time Analytics dashboard, and a companion App for mobile devices.

Event experiences now become 365-day online communities, saving organizations time and money while increasing user value. JUNO software promotes Learning and Networking in a hybrid environment. PCMA’s Convening Leaders is one recent example. Online participants were able to stream live event content and comment right alongside those physically sitting in the Caesars Forum ballroom, breaking boundaries and reducing barriers to connection.

“Offering Convening Leaders 2022 participants a seamless experience with the app and the platform bridged the gap and eliminated the distance between in-person and digital participants,” said Tonya Almond, PCMA Vice President, Knowledge and Experience Design. “It was great to see so many connection points even outside of the education and traditional networking opportunities.”

Innovating beyond tradition is a hallmark of PCMA, and JUNO as well, remarked JUNO CEO Josh Hotsenpiller.

“The pandemic was a catalyst for change across events and across industries,” Hotsenpiller said. “Humans crave connection, they seek it online and in-person. With JUNO’s machine learning tag structure, organizers can provide more value and richer experiences for users who choose to interact face-to-face as well as those who are empowered to stay at home.

“Focusing on human connections from a single platform allows organizations to save time and money while reducing uncertainty for members, sponsors and staff. JUNO is proud to partner with PCMA and the amazing team there,” Hotsenpiller says. “PCMA Convening Leaders is a catalyst for the community, engagement, and knowledge-sharing that advances societies.”

JUNO 2.0’s new Social Feed option was popular as it allowed for participants to post a sentiment or an image in real-time that ultimately created a richer environment for everyone. One handheld spot for real-time connection allows users to be seen and heard around the globe. Using JUNO technology, PCMA also was able to create a hybrid event at the DES stage within the overall hybrid event of Convening Leaders. Users could even experience the event and the community with an immediate group, based on shared interests, such as a regional chapter.

Demos of JUNO as a super-app for connection, education, events, and analytics are available to executives who have embraced digital transformation.