Introducing Launch U!

Courses Rocket Learners to their Next Destination

Life is unexpected. It comes with challenges that require us to pivot or change our lifestyles or businesses. Some changes are sudden, and we don’t always get a chance to take a step back to process what changes we need to make to adapt.

If you are going to the moon or Mars, or maybe just switching career paths or roles, taking the next step comes with a lot of unknowns. Launch U is here to help. Sometimes creating positive change in your life is simply having the courage to say “Lift off!”  

What is Launch U?

Launch U is a series of micro courses created by JUNO and some valued friends who have great lessons to share. The inspirational series is designed for how adults learn today, featuring industry leaders that identify how to pivot successfully in uncertainty.

When we open up unfamiliar blueprints to navigate new territory, the unknown is often met with caution or nervousness. Taking a quick u-turn and retreating to what we already know couldn’t feel any better, but change often forces the hand.

You may need a little help navigating the new normal, or maybe you want to learn new strategies to prepare for the future, or it’s possible you crave a mentor in your life. LaunchU offers cozy interviews and insightful course content with top industry leaders sharing experiences and wisdom to inspire and help you grow.

What will I learn?

Launch U features educational, interview-style, topic-driven discussions from JUNO’s CEO Josh Hotsenpiller and notable guests. Seven courses are live now on JUNO’s site, with more to come. Courses include “Equipping Organizations for Change” with ASAE’s Robb Lee, “Pivoting your Livelihood” with Cindy Lo of RED VELVET, and “Life Always Changes: Change WIth It” with Mike Irwin of Bottle Rocket Advisors. Launch U learners will watch video interviews with industry leaders, read short articles, and answer thoughtful questions to promote personal and professional growth.

Whether you are changing roles at your job, pivoting your businesses’ vision for future success, or trying to tell new stories, there is a Launch U course that can help.  

Change often requires us to take things out of our life, as well as put in new practices as a result. Throughout the courses, our curated thought leaders will explain what could be holding you back, as well as what new mindsets you can adopt to manage unexpected circumstances.

Lastly, this series encourages the opportunity for students to self-reflect. Launch U was coined because of its mission to guide individuals through challenging situations and uncharted terrain and to encourage them to reflect so they can make a successful pivot.

Launch yourself into a new mindset! Don’t just write down your goals, start building them. LaunchU will give you the ideas, questions and wisdom to build a blueprint to a better career, life and you.