Intersections of Connectivity: The Debrief

The Debrief is no longer exclusive to the in-person event experience. It is an Intersection of Connectivity that can be encouraged by great virtual event and hybrid event experience design.

Oftentimes, at events, in-person conversations don’t stop as soon as people walk out those exit doors. One of the most important parts for event attendees is the post-event scene. New connections established during conference sessions, for example, or on the trade show floor, get the opportunity to advance elsewhere, traditionally at a restaurant or hotel bar.  

The debrief is vital to seal new connections and build friendships, but they also provide a space where business can be discussed in a more serious manner. The debrief is the place for deals to be offered, rejected, or even accepted. Many times they seem to happen serendipitously, and that can be achieved with AI in virtual space as well.

As the digital space within events continues to be impactful, more and more intersections of connectivity are developing with people meeting online and in-person. The way in which humans debrief in a hybrid scene is different.

How can we make the post-event scene a reality in a hybrid world?

Too often, a multi-day event happens and then it's over. Poof! Restaurants and happy hours were a great part of the after-event experience, but once the whole event was over, those connections parted ways and came victim to a lack of followup. And worse, if you forgot someone's name or lost a business card, that connection might be gone forever.

In a Hybrid event world, the Debrief can and should be extended, so new connections can continue to be productive. AI and other event tech tools used to make connections also provide information on how to get re-connected. This is especially useful in a 365-day online network exclusive to the event organization and your members.

(Imagine a world in which post-event debrief sessions are scheduled based on user analytics and interests, allowing the conversation to move beyond tomorrow. JUNO software thinks about not only what happens today for your event, but about how connections, education and growth continue post-event.)

Debrief conversations shouldn’t just stop because people are not in the same room with one another. At PCMA Convening Leaders, members infamously created a zoom call for an after-hours party that ran well into the night with conversation between members on video and via chat. Essentially, this was a social debrief after the PCMA Foundation fundraising session that featured several deejays.

Here is a framework for breaking down the virtual and hybrid event components to determine where further conversations can arise.

Everyday Content:

  • Learning Management Systems
  • Micro-content growth courses
  • One off articles
  • User generated insights where companies can upload their own content for their events

Creating Active Communities:

  • User recommendations and networking
  • Roundtables and expert theaters
  • Cohort content journey experiences

Commerce (Non members dues revenue):

  • Buyer to seller matching
  • Live sales and trade show experiences
  • Shark-tank pitch opportunities
  • 24/7 365 days a year Digital Marketplace

When organizations begin to see the software tools in play that allow digital engagement to provide added partner value for a 365 day a year experience, they can create revenue strategies to better monetize. JUNO’s software tools are re-imagining the debrief for events. With a 365 day a year experience, everyday content can drive new buyers to your exhibitors. The word about your organization's products and reach can be extended.    

Across channels in hybrid events, the Debrief will have value for members well after the event scene, whether they attended in-person and stored matches in their app, or whether they attended virtually and made all their connections via tech.

In the Digital Transformation Era, the Debrief at the hotel bar can also be a Debrief in a one-to-one video chat. It’s up to all of us to spur the connections and enable the Debriefs.