Expanding Audience Reach Virtually

IEEE uses JUNO to Further Reach and Create Engagement

July 20, 2021- Creating and growing communities live in JUNO’s philosophy. For the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Power & Energy Society, growing community reach is their number one priority for their virtual event.  

“The majority of attendees who come to our events are all panelists or they are presenting a paper; there is no general audience. When we were in person, we had about 3200-3500 attendees, but a big chunk of them are presenters, not just someone attending the event. A general audience is something we are trying to reach with the virtual event.” Lukrecija LeLong, Meeting Planner and Event Program Manager, said.

When shopping for a technology partner to help reach these goals, JUNO’s client service stood out: “With JUNO, because we have a lot of things that we wanted to do and knew it had to be done differently, JUNO was willing to work together and figure out the best way to accomplish what we are trying to do.”

The big difference from IEEE’s event last year will be hosting 100 live panel discussions in lieu of static pre-recorded sessions. With the use of JUNO’s engagement tools such as emojis, polling, and live Q&A, they will look to create a space where attendees can engage and ask questions about the panel topics in real-time.

“Last year, we had all pre-recorded sessions. There was really not a live interaction and that's one of the reasons why we chose JUNO. We reformatted our programs, so now out of 150 panel sessions, 100 of them are live. That interaction, we hope, will bring more attendees who want to listen in and ask questions.”  

The Power & Energy Society will also use JUNO to help promote other conferences and trade shows within the association.  

“We are trying to use JUNO as much as we can; there’s so much we can do. We are trying to use all of the aspects of JUNO to increase attendance, promote future conferences, and add sponsorships and all of these live sessions; we just got to put it together.”

2021 IEEE PES General Meeting will be hosted on JUNO from July 26-29.


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