Exhibitors: Capture Leads from Computer Screens

Exhibitors must shift marketing strategies to capture the attention of potential buyers in the digital event space, as the way in which people connect has changed quite a bit.

In-person events may have brought thousands of attendees and potential buyers, most of them open to an engaging experience and ready for emotion-induced connections with exhibitors. But as events went digital, creating that same emotional experience online got challenging.  

JUNO takes the in-person elements that induce engagement and brings them to the digital screen for buyers.  

The all-too-familiar exhibitor booth setup is reimagined as a suite-like experience in the JUNO platform. It’s important to have a meaningful environment that can drive value, not just a transnational space. We challenge exhibitors to create an experience that will be remembered, from streaming videos and giveaways to live data that allows connections to happen in real time.

To make that happen, exhibitors are trained to champion the digital space and be experienced digital sellers, rather than just sellers creating brand awareness for their organization. When things get digital, it’s too easy to take a step back. JUNO invites exhibitors to lean in. The benefits of a digital strategy allow for complete user customization. No more wasting time and money selling to people who are just in it for education.    

It can be challenging to know how people feel about your products when you are selling to someone online.

“A digital marketing strategy allows you to continuously pivot, ensuring you're never wasting money on channels that don't perform well,” says Lucy Alexander, from one of the leading marketing softwares, Hubspot. Within the digital events channel, exhibitor suites must offer data analytics and opportunities to share valuable content and experiences so that exhibitors aren’t wasting money.

JUNO is a personalized digital marketing tool that’s geared towards what the user wants to see and identifies connections they need to make. Stop trying to sell to people who may not even be interested, start selling to people who already have a desired interest in what exhibitors are pitching.

With added analytical tracking, exhibitors will be able to see who visited their page, who interacted with their team content and how their content produced engagement and comments. With this information, exhibitors will have a better understanding of their market space, and it will allow them to see who was excited about their products.

By bringing the show to the digital consumer, exhibitors can send products for buyers to test at home and be discussed via live sessions. Through rewards and gamification, exhibitors can offer deals for buyers for simply interacting or joining their booth suit online. Don’t think just about clicks or downloads, think about how a click or a download is one more step leading a buyer to the close. Think about how meaningful discussions with thought leaders in an exhibitor's suite position brands as experts and increase their desirability.

The digital marketing space is filled with growth opportunities and organizations are already seeing a benefit to having a digital aspect. Hubspot also revealed in their Demand Gen Report 2021, that 44% of marketers say "better measure of the ROI of our demand generation initiatives” is their top priority for 2021. Lean into the fact virtual events and connections can provide more clear ROI. More than half (Hubspot report) of marketers say webinars are the top-of-the-funnel format that generates the most high-quality leads, so being the center of that activity by offering exhibitors speaking slots may be wise. When another 53% of marketers say email has been the most effective channel for early-stage lead generation, know the power of digital marketing is extending into digital events.

As in-person events make a slow return, the digital experience is not going away. This is the dawn of Hybrid Events. People who cannot attend your event in person because of cost, health, or potentially time constraints will continue to be productive from their homes. In that physical world, booths will still need a virtual experience for digital buyers and JUNO can make that happen. JUNO knows how critical in-person and digital spaces are for exhibitors, and as things begin to head in the right direction, we can provide a space that’s beneficial for exhibitors which can lead to success beyond tomorrow.