Emphasis on Community Aids Franchise Communication, Growth

Often the most important marketing event of the year for most franchise systems, Annual Conventions create opportunities for franchisors to share their vision for the future and update the system on progress recaps. Conventions allow franchise leadership teams to share new marketing tools and educate franchises on how to leverage new products, services and  systems. Most importantly, conventions give franchisees the opportunity to network, engage, and connect with one another and with the franchisor Home Office staff.

What’s happened during the pandemic is a halt on in-person conventions, leading to potential loss of vision, communication and operational efficiencies. Zoom and other online streaming platforms can enable franchisors to distribute information but they are sadly lacking in the opportunity to knit the fabric of the franchise system tighter. 

“Be in business for yourself, not by yourself” is a common phrase, and it’s only made possible by commitment to building connections across the community. A streamlined super-app that enables franchise communities to network, engage, learn, and grow together becomes a shared business experience that positively affects the bottom line. 

Best of all, a shared business experience online with purposeful software connects the franchise system all year long. How can you create more intersections of connectivity for your franchisees to help solve business challenges? Here are our tips.

Make it Modern

We’ve witnessed a slice of what’s possible in digital connection over the last two years. People want more and richer connections without losing the ease and accessibility of our favorite digital tools. “When people are connecting and learning, we all win.”  Online 365-day communities enable those tissues of connectivity to become so rich throughout the year. People want to connect all the time. Digital transformation is here. A physical-first way of thinking is limiting. 

Make It Easy

Hybrid event tools allow for boundaryless connections, beyond geographical, financial, physical or perceived barriers. When more people are connecting in new ways that break down boundaries, that’s when change happens. For our businesses, for society. Find a trusted partner to enable your vision. 

Make It Valuable

Keep building more connection and education points year-round. Franchisors embracing software don’t have to go from an Annual Convention high to fighting for value the rest of the year. They adapt to where the audience is going. Think micro- content and experiences that happen year-round, so the community is there any time, any day.

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