Digital Engagement Keeping You Up at Night? Here are 5 Things to Solve It

1.  Let’s solve it together. Sign up for our webinar with engagement guru Tonya Almond on May 10 11a EST on

The elephant in the room is no one knows the exact answer, so let's solve it together! Join engagement strategist Tonya Almond, now with newly founded TAG Agency. We will address how to approach this riddle and present ideas you can translate to your own business. A roundtable discussion will follow with even more ideas from your peers and the chance to speak up!

2.  Make sure both in-person and hybrid audiences are connecting to each other with awesome event tools.

Do you have 1:1 chat & video capabilities, breakout functionality, emojis, live chat, polling, Q&A, discussion forums, and groups for real-time connection and peer-to-peer learning? 68% of marketers report that 1:1 meetings at virtual events help to improve audience satisfaction, and 81.8% of virtual event organizers use event polling and 59% recur to gamification strategies to boost engagement (Markletic). It's easier than you think to offer all of that with a Single Destination Platform.

3.  Meet them where they are on their second screen with an event app.

83% of other event organizers are using one (eventbrite).

4.  Zoom fatigue? Consider modern consumer behaviors when designing schedules for virtual (and in-person!) audiences.

55% of respondents feel that virtual events should last 30 minutes or less (Martech), and 45% of event organizers plan shorter multi-day events to account for waning attention spans (Markletic).

5.  Leverage the power of social media.

89% of event planners use social media to boost event pre-engagement and create momentum (EventMB).  Pro Tip: Did you know you can have your own social feeds during your events? Your virtual and in-person audiences can sound off and engage in the same place as your streaming and content. Learn more.