Content & Connection: The PB&J of Media Today

Which is more important: the message or the media; content or connection?

Connection can be thought of as an exchange of energy; energy expressed through a transfer of emotions, ideas, beliefs, values, and just about anything that we humans seek to send or receive to one another.

For so long, content has been pronounced to be king; content such as the written word, images, video, music, and other forms of human expression.

Every media organization knows that the three legs of the business model are an audience, content, and a delivery system such as social, print, broadcast, live, outdoor, etc.

Today, associations are learning that the lack of connections resulting from the absence of live meetings can diminish not only their member engagement and revenue streams, but also their relevance.

Connections are the life blood of every association and society overall. And now, more than ever, connection may be the reigning king.

Connections, enabled thorough virtual platforms and digital media, are table stakes for every organization today.

So, the question is now, how do you make a connection in a real and meaningful way?

Three ideas to get you started:

Know your audience and meet them where they are. Member segmentation allows you to make connections with your constituents and tailor your messaging. If you don’t have member personas established, now is the time to start.

Does your virtual event platform allow you to engage your audience, ask them questions, and allow them to connect with you? Gamification, polling, and real-time chat are just a few of the basics required to make connections with your virtual audience.

The real test comes (hopefully, in 2021) when the expectation for real connections is enabled by the new live/virtual event design thinking that leverages the advances in virtual meeting technology and live experience design.

In the end, it’s about great content AND meaningful connections. The goal is to present content that sticks to the roof of your audience’s mind and connections that reduce the barriers to real, long-lasting relationships.

Another silver lining we will credit to what we learned during these difficult times.