Connection Points: Main Stage & Breakouts

As the personal and digital forms of communication blend together to form hybrid experiences, intersections of connectivity from traditional trade shows have taken new shape. From the Main Stage to Breakouts, the digital experience for event attendees has created new avenues spanning across the globe. What does the virtual experience look like? How can Main Stage and Breakout sessions impact organizations’ events digitally?

Let’s take a trip back in time to the once in-person event.

There’s a particular anxious excitement in the air. Vibrations from bass drums boomed the tempo of pre-show music and smells of buttery popcorn floated over the conference floor as thousands of exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees soaked in the experience and excitement as they took their seats.

Then the Mainstage show begins!

From featured speakers to important discussion, the main stage environment brightens blues and reds from overhead stage lights. Speakers walk onto the stage full of emotion and excitement! The curtain has been opened to new visions and meaningful educational opportunities. People from all over the world come together for connection, in turn, leading to event success.

From the millions of sounds, smells, and foods, there was nothing like an in-person event or trade show. Attendees could instantaneously break out with the people sitting next to them and discuss the mainstage topics at hand. Next thing you know, a full board conversation leads to new connections and new partnerships.

Fast forward.

Organizations are forced to accept hybrid communication to keep their business profitable. The age of digital and personal forms of connection have created hybrid experiences. Events that were once solely in person were now incorporated into the digital scene. Things are beginning to look different...  

Hybrid events? Digitalization? JUNO? Talking points once drew people into new physical connections and deeper conversations, but how can organizations continue to benefit from engaging and impacting attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors if things are going digital?

Imagine a hybrid world that connected people through talking points after a session. No matter physical or virtual, JUNO pairs people together with pre-planned talking points to accelerate relationships and meaningful dialogue automatically. The excitement of being in-person can be challenging to re-create digitally, but digitalization creates even greater impact for events.

JUNO offers a digital solution for any event that brings the main stage and breakouts to the attendee from their computer screen! Virtual aspects of events can keep conversations moving beyond tomorrow, rather than ending once the event is over. Digitalization can continue to impact consumers and organizations because those conversations can be expanded across the globe, even after the event is over.Making those in-person connections was as simple as walking around the event and experiencing those senses. However, if you weren’t walking in the right direction, you may have missed one connection that could change everything about your organization. Although the digital space cannot spark our senses like they can in-person, we can create a main stage and breakout space for attendees and organizations that are driven by user interests.

Not only can attendees connect with things that already interest them, a digital platform can suggest and offer new interests and connect people together that share similar values. Virtual events bring content and education to the user so nothing is accidentally missed.  

The true power of digitalization comes with many beneficial connection opportunities and JUNO will be there making it all happen for your success. Come be a part of that digital transformation as JUNO helps you CONNECT, EDUCATE, and GROW your event success.