Case Study: SHEA & JUNO

Creating an Engaging and Interactive Environment for Virtual Attendees

One of the most important aspects of any virtual event experience is creating an engaging and interactive space for attendees to learn and collaborate in real-time discussion. The Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA) teamed up with JUNO for their virtual event experience to do just that.  

“Creating engagement is super challenging because everybody has a different idea of what engagement looks like online,” said Jessica Johnson, CMP, Director of Education & Meetings at SHEA. “The first thing we really utilized from JUNO was the emojis. That element added to what we were doing, and we decided to focus on that.”

SHEA encouraged speakers, moderators and attendees alike to utilize JUNO’s emoji feature generously during presentations for increased engagement. Live speakers were brought in every 30 minutes to freshen the mood and, throughout those discussions, attendees also engaged in live polling and Q&As. Attendees were encouraged to turn on cameras and jump on the live screen to ask questions, and networking events that utilized the different room structures available to JUNO users like “bring your coffee” breakout rooms and musical talent nights allowed attendees to connect in different ways.

All of these features enabled SHEA to recreate the reunion-like atmosphere it is known for virtually. The ability to give and receive that instant virtual feedback and be able to see attendees was essential to the event’s success.

Typically, SHEA’s in-person event is three days long to incorporate training courses alongside their main event content. With a virtual experience, SHEA was able to split up their event to allow attendees to comfortably attend each portion of the event without conflict. And because their event was hosted digitally, SHEA eliminated the cost of travel and hosted over 100 speakers from their usual 80 and delivered engaging, fun and informative content to just over 950 attendees.

With the help of JUNO’s digital software, SHEA was able to recreate a level of familiarity and interaction known for at their in-person event. Discover JUNO for yourself at