Calling All Music Lovers: Did You Know You Can Jam with JUNO?

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When people talk about digital transformation and industry disruption, Uber is most often an example used about how a company forced change across an industry.

Spotify is a company we look to for inspiration in digital transformation and specifically how they use machine learning to improve the customer experience. What users listen to, who they follow, what moods they are in at different times of day are all insights that Spotify data can learn and use.

AI and machine learning in JUNO support our recommendation and trending engines and help planners gather participants into cohorts. Insights from virtual event data can tell you what content is most appealing to each persona and where improvements could be made.

It’s a new era. And we thought you might need some new tunes. Our resident deejays -- thank you Daniel, Gabe and Sarah! -- have made some selections for your enjoyment.

Dawn of a New Era: JUNO's 7E humans bring the Energy, the Excellence and the tunes, too

Upbeat Upload:  Some Sandy Rivera, some SG Lewis and other tunes to keep you moving as you bring your content to life.

Put Your Feet Up: Time to chill with some out of the box favorites from our team.

Event Day is Here: It's not a dance revolution but it is a digital transformation!

Event Success Starts with Strategy: An eclectic collection inspiring you to get in the flow.