Business of Events Advances Industry with JUNO

Case Study Shows How Fifth Element Group Connected Leaders for Elevated Conversations

July 6, 2021 -- Dallas -- With a pandemic raging, events shuttering, businesses struggling, Fifth Element Group said enough is enough: Time to disrupt.

As an influencer in the events space, President Aaron Kaufman knew the time was ripe for a gathering of minds to discuss long-term improvements to how event businesses are launched, perceived and run. To do so, Fifth Element turned to JUNO, a virtual experience platform that connects people at events and year-round in 365 community platform experiences.

“I think what often gets overlooked is the business of events,” said Kaufman, “so my idea was to bring together some of the best minds in our industry to be able to say, ‘Hey, listen, we need to be talking about data. We need to be talking about measurable results. We need to talk about billable hours. We need to talk about all of these things that will help mature our industry.’ ”

With a virtual event platform like JUNO, all that was achieved in the day-long event that gathered hundreds and enabled one-to-one chat as well as immediate response to the strong speaker slate. The intent was to bring some bright thinkers to the online stage, unheard voices in the events space who could help start movement toward standards and guidelines, rules and principles around how events businesses operate.

“I think the overall concept was really a disruption, not necessarily to any particular area, but to the industry as a whole,” Kaufman said. “And I think it's a positive disruption.”

Kaufman believes strongly in disruption as a tool to grow better companies. Likewise, JUNO believes virtual transformation in the events space creates opportunities for boundless innovation and boundaryless gatherings. Member-driven associations and other organizations can advance their objectives by bringing people together for education, networking and commerce online.

“This is a period of massive change, of digital migration, for events and even for society,” said JUNO Founder and CEO Josh Hotsenpiller. “We’re excited by the conversations raised within Business of Events and by the advancements made across the industries we have been privileged to serve."

“Events don’t have to be singular instances. Our software supports events being part of a 365-day conversation that encourages interactions and furthers education.”


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