Best Practices for Digital Networking

Connect, meet, and grow your community with networking opportunities year-round.

Your 365 community platform should provide the networking space for community members to connect and learn about each other no matter the time, date or place. Digital networking has become the reimagined norm, and its importance remains a constant part of the event and association experience. How can your users find networking recommendations and how can they connect? Here are 3 best practices for digital networking:  


With some fun networking games alongside a little creativity, you can help break the ice of those first hellos. With the addition to AI, teams can be formed based on similar profile network tagging so your users are connecting to the right people, every time.

Consider trying speed networking if in a group and for those 1:1 meetings, consider fast ice breaker topics to get conversations going.

AI Magic

Lets face it, networking in-person networking can be an intimidating process for some. It takes courage to walk up to a stranger and say hello. With digital tools and AI, your users won’t have to seek out recommendations for themselves.

Think about the modern dating scene. Users get personalized connections tailored to their interests and are able to graduate from chat to video to eventually meeting IRL. You can do the same for your community of business professionals, and with the power of AI, custom networking recommendations can be delivered directly to your users’ home page.  And with scheduling built right into the 365 community experience with JUNO, all people have to do is find the right time to meet and book it. Boom. Done. Connection made.

Pop Off in the Chat, Global Feed & Groups Pages!

With a seamless experience like JUNO that includes a companion mobile app, the your single destination platform can offer that single place for both audiences to connect together and share their thoughts, something you can’t necessarily do in-person. Other JUNO 2.0 features like Global Feed and Groups pages offer a central location for your users to connect and build your community of raving fans.