App Deepens Opportunity for Events, 365 Community

PCMA, JUNO Partnership Includes App-based Single Destination Platform for Members to Experience Content, Connections

November 30, 2021Las Vegas -- JUNO, a software company that connects and educates people on a single destination platform for events and year-round community, offers a truly hybrid event app with long-term engagement opportunities.  The partnership announced earlier this month with the Professional Convention Management Association will mark the debut of the JUNO mobile app for PCMA, putting all the networking and learning into users’ mobile devices.

“In creating a Single Destination Platform (SDP) for events, connection and education, community leaders must recognize the attention-capturing device in everyone’s hands,” says JUNO CEO Josh Hotsenpiller. “A native app can create a sense of ownership and belonging, encourage more gamification and broaden networking power by connecting participants around the globe.”

Whether attendees are experiencing an event physically or virtually, the JUNO Companion App brings them together with AI that recommends meaningful connections and valuable education. Text and video chat, Q&A, polling, on-demand resources and a social feed in hybrid meetings break down barriers to ensure that whether users are online or on-site, there is always a way to knowledge-share and grow. With an SDP,  an attendee can remotely watch a live feed of an exhibitor booth and network with another in-person attendee at the breakout session.

The PCMA 365 social feed, where people can post and share what they are doing in real-time at the event, will be ideal for exchanging event information or enabling deeper connection between attendees beyond the space and time constraints of an event.

“We are excited to partner with JUNO to offer an enhanced experience for our audiences to connect and engage with one another,” said Sherrif Karamat, CAE, PCMA president and CEO, upon the launch. “This platform enables PCMA to extend our digital strategy beyond events and connect our global community to continue conversation and learning.”

The experience begins in January with the signature PCMA Convening Leaders live from Las Vegas. JUNO will be home to the content and with its companion app will enable connections that cross borders and break boundaries.

Focusing on human connections from a single platform allows organizations to save time and money while reducing uncertainty for members, sponsors and staff. Business events must continue to deliver connections, content and opportunities for commerce that advance the objectives of their stakeholders whether the experiences occur in-person or virtually.

“Events are catalysts for the community, engagement and knowledge-sharing that advances societies. JUNO pushes events to the next level to provide a more inclusive and accessible experience for all,” Hotsenpiller says. “Business events don’t have to be singular instances; for those focused on growth, they cannot be. JUNO’s software platform supports events being part of a 365-day conversation that encourages interactions and furthers education.”


JUNO connects and educates people on a single destination platform for events and year-round community. This software-as-a-service solution is embraced by innovative clients ready to make the digital transformation necessary for future success in events, member communications and learning.

JUNO has helped thousands of users across five continents come together with more than 35 million minutes of streamed educational content. Organizations like the Professional Convention Management Association, American College of Emergency Physicians, Network of Executive Women, American Heart Association, a Big 4 national sports organization and a top philanthropic group have all chosen JUNO for events and engagement.

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