AOA Uses JUNO to Strengthen Member Engagement Online

The American Orthopedic Association has teamed up with JUNO, a leader in the field of in person and virtual event experiences, to host AOA’s Annual Leadership Meeting starting May 5.

AOA, as the industry leader in academia and education for orthopaedic surgeons, looks to provide a virtual event space that encourages engagement and evokes excitement for attendees.

Fresh Variety:

AOA has put together a range of sessions, networking breakout rooms, and guest speakers to provide a space for meaningful connections and learning to happen.  With JUNO, “we liked the different interactivity options, being able to connect 1-on-1 with attendees, small breakout rooms, schedule building, and the support,”  said Kathy Sinnen, CMP, DES, the AOA’s Manager, Meetings & Fellowships. '“We have a small team at AOA and having that additional support, the tech support during our sessions, and whatever we needed, JUNO was quick to say yes.”  

Networking Method:

Using the JUNO platform, AOA has created dedicated networking rooms where attendees can jump in and have one-on-one conversations with guest speakers. The importance of having real-time and small breakout rooms will contribute to the engaging feel of the event.  “Small breakout rooms were really appealing to AOA. We will be sticking session speakers into different breakout rooms and just allowing that conversation to happen.” With different room topics and trying to keep breakout rooms small, AOA can encourage attendees to participate in discussion.

Meaningful Interaction:

In 1-on-1 video conversations, networking opportunities will have the opportunity to be more impactful and more similar to real-life connection points. To take engagement even further, AOA is providing moderators within breakout sessions to help contribute and lead conversations based on the topics they are knowledgeable in. Adding to the excitement, with breakout sessions like Cocktails and Conversations and Networking Power Hour, attendees are encouraged to participate in a fun social environment.

Partner Support:

“When going through and talking with the different virtual companies, we felt like the support was huge from JUNO; that is what guided us,” Kathy said.

AOA’s Annual Leadership Meeting starts May 5 with event programming running throughout the month. Visit the AOA meeting site for detailed information.