7 Key Questions to ask Your Hybrid Event Technology Partner

Presenting content, connections and commerce opportunities to virtual and in-person audiences

Presenting simultaneously can you reap great benefits as a member-driven organizations.  To do so across those environments requires software that enables specific actions, collaborations and processes.

Asking the right questions of a hybrid partner will help your team explore the possibilities and event shape the user experience within your hybrid events

For years, at many large and small events, the second screen was billed as a way for attendees to connect deeper with content while onsite, and ipads would be passed out for audience response, or a QR code would point people toward apps where they could ask questions, download slides and comment.

Now we know the second screen is often the first, and the digital migration of society will play out at events as well. The infusion of technology into every aspect of our daily lives means all events are hybrid.

Participants onsite are going to be on their mobile devices unless you plan to ban them, and those logging in from home or office will be on their phones, too. Almost 90% of TV watchers are also on their mobile devices, many times for activities that enhance their viewing experience.

That second screen, the app, creates a cross-channel opportunity to drive connections and further enmesh content and branding in the participants’ minds. Serving participants in the hybrid environment requires technology support and sometimes onsite service.

There are a multitude of questions organizers should ask their event tech partners about how their software helps serve the cross-channel connections demanded in a hybrid environment.

Start with these 7 questions for your hybrid event tech partner:

  1. Does your digital platform allow for interaction between onsite and online participants?
  2. Does your platform create exhibitor matches across environments?
  3. How are digital poster halls structured and displayed online and onsite?
  4. Does your companion app help those onsite find better matches?
  5. Can cohorts or teams be set up to perform challenges across in-person and virtual?
  6. Will your app support introverted learners onsite with chat and Q&A?
  7. Does your solution support future needs in our organization-wide digital strategy?

Our team is delving into these questions with many clients, so Schedule a DEMO to talk to one of them about our hybrid event tech and new companion app.

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Also, don’t forget you can download the 7 questions on a one-sheet now to share with your team, or get the entire workbook for hybrid event planning here.