5 Tips for Strategic Hybrid Events

Considering a hybrid event or a Single Destination Platform? Does your organization have a 365 community mindset? Are you wondering where to start when planning your hybrid event experience? JUNO’s All Events are Hybrid workbook is here to help.

Hybrid events are the new wave of connection, and creating intersections of connectivity from anywhere in the world has never been so critical for our communities. JUNO’s All Events are Hybrid workbook is designed for associations to reassess their mission and hit their hybrid events goals. The workbook offers insightful thinking exercises and room to map out new ideas and strategies. Let's take a look at 5 tips for strategic hybrid events, according to JUNO’s All Events are Hybrid Workbook.

Empathize: Your audience is now a 365 community. Learn what they like and what they need in this new hybrid environment, and not what they always loved in 2019. Talk to people, ask questions, and know your capabilities so you can deliver. Always know who you serve.

Define: What is your unique selling proposition and why do people come to you? Member associations are called by their mission to meet their members where they are, and having a hybrid event experience allows for connections to happen anywhere in the world.  

Ideate: You create Intersections of Connectivity for humans to connect, learn and grow. The more dense your network, the higher return for attendees, exhibitors and sponsors, and your organization overall. How will you deliver compelling experiences for each of your audiences and be sure to spread the word?

Execute: Enable deep networking, education and commerce across all channels. When you execute hybrid experiences, you will expand reach and connectivity. Continue to embrace virtual and hybrid engagement as a winning long-term play. Partner with the right companies, and ask questions that you can connect back to what you defined. When you combine users and technology, you create winning experiences!

Optimize: Try out solutions, and then make them better. Ensure data is collected, review it with your teams, and gather the right insights that will enable you to create even better tomorrows. Ask questions of your data and then put that data to use by making improvements.

Whatever your event experience looks like tomorrow, it needs to be adaptable for your association’s vision but also to meet the needs of your members' growth. Get the workbook here.