3Cs Can Stall Clients

JUNO Cares About You! Don’t let Cost, Confusion or Lack of Confidence get in the way of your progress to launching an event!

As organizations dive into their virtual and hybrid event needs, it is important to consider a digital platform's drive for innovation, their AI, and even fancy user interface/experience designs. When considering a software platform, sometimes these factors become the focus when making a final decision.

JUNO is different! JUNO sets itself apart from other software and technology companies by valuing people. We care about personal growth and business sustainability. Technically, we are an event software platform, but more importantly, we are a service of people connecting people all over the world.

We know the power of human connection.

JUNO is relational; we care about you, your organization and your mission. Our values will help you champion the event and experience that you want to have because you are working with people that care about your success,” said CEO Josh Hotsenpiller. “When people are connecting and learning, we all win.”

Human beings come to associations because they need to connect, learn, and grow. This is a people business, not a software business! Technology only plays a role in facilitating communication because virtual platforms are designed to help us stay connected.

Our No. 1 goal is to be the best in service, to care for our customers.

We understand that people are often confused about features and benefits, lacking confidence in their understanding, and/or are worrying about the cost. When these emotions are in play, remember JUNO aims to serve your needs and goals beyond tomorrow. When JUNO thinks about care within our service, we don’t just say it, we act upon it.

When we act out of care, we can eliminate the three worries that can stand in the way of new partnerships. Those are what we call, The Three Cs: Cost, Confusion, Confidence.

Cost: Let’s make it simple.

Cost can be a tough and very real thing that can get in the way of us doing great things together. We all love to negotiate, and that means keeping monetary needs mysterious. Apple for apples we’re not going to lose relationships over cost. JUNO provides a full service experience, but cost shouldn’t be a deal breaker. How can we still provide the best level of service for your needs without compromising cost?

“digitalNow has looked at so many different platforms and we’ve sat through so many proposals,” Don Dee, co-founder of digitalNow said. “[New] clients don’t understand the level of detail, programming, and support that's required in a virtual event. An event isn’t just the event itself, it's before, during and after; JUNO’s team had the sense which made all the difference in the world in terms of success.”      

As JUNO helps you identify your service needs, we can offer pricing that fits the value of our experience. Instead of some random price that’s justified by software, JUNO wants our cost to reflect your needs and goals. JUNO cares about your success: how can we help identify what you need, how can JUNO deliver that, and how can we serve you best?

Confusion: How can your company's vision manifest itself within the JUNO platform?

When many new partnerships inquire about JUNO, they usually have an awesome vision. Companies imagine this amazing event where people are connecting, they are leading discussions, and sponsors are excited. At this point the focus is on taking that vision and imposing it into a digital platform; this is also when confusion begins.

“Lifeway came in [the virtual space] going: we don’t know what this is going to look like,” Melita Thomas, Lifeway’s Communication and Kids Ministry Specialist said. “Every issue that we came across was resolved because we were able to communicate directly. We feel like JUNO is as invested in our success as we want to be; it feels like a team.”  

JUNO knows we can eliminate confusion because we are a team of people helping people, not just a software in exchange for goods. When we talk about care, JUNO always makes a dedicated effort to spend time ideating, explaining, showing, and overall working through how we will execute your vision for your event. When we eliminate any confusion in the process of transitioning to a digital platform we can get back to what matters most: your vision and success!

Confidence:  JUNO will elevate your confidence beyond tomorrow!  

Whenever we get into new territory, there is often a feeling of: how do we do this? When things are confusing and organizations don’t know how to create that new vision, it can be easy to retreat. JUNO’s responsibility as a service provider is to work with a client to figure out what they need from us as well as how we can support them in a financial way. It’s our responsibility to bring great clarity when there is confusion and it is our responsibility to instill confidence in our partners so we can successfully run across the finish line, together.  

“[JUNO’s] expansive knowledge in the virtual meeting space helped us build confidence quickly in what we needed to do to host our first ever successful virtual conference,” Jodi Talia, Chief Development Officer for the American College of Emergency Physicians said. “Their calm and confident approach to supporting us helped us be our best in the new virtual meeting space.”

We understand that not every demo or call we take will end with a signed contract, but we will know it wasn’t because of Cost, Confusion, or Lack of Confidence.  Caring is owning the responsibilities around those three Cs. Our goals during the demo stages are to make potential clients feel like they can absolutely deliver their vision with JUNO.  

JUNO is caring. Software is transactional. As JUNO cares for your vision, the value of your experience will be what drives cost. We are a partner that will continue to take you beyond tomorrow. JUNO will be clear on our end so you will be crystal clear on yours; JUNO will put the time and energy in making sure we can be successful. When people don’t have confidence it's because they are not committed to the process. JUNO is committed to rigor; committed to knowing our platform and committed to knowing our partners’ needs so we can build up any lack of confidence.

No one cares about your success, values, and vision like JUNO!