3 Tips for Creating Hybrid Intersections of Connectivity for your Community and Events

Hybrid Intersections of Connectivity are the next wave to create successful events and connected communities. Here are our 3 tips to create Hybrid Intersections of Connectivity for your next community and event experience.  

Create a Seamless Hybrid Event Experience

Your event is the lifeblood of your association. It's what gets your members excited, and it's also the place where they are eager to meet new people, see old friends and experience new things. For hybrid intersections of connectivity to occur at your event, you must enable bridges for hybrid connection. There are 365 community platforms or Single Destination Platforms available to connect the in-person audience with those attending virtually, but make sure the one you choose also has a companion mobile app for a truly seamless and accessible experience for your users.    

Allow for User-Generated Connections

Part of being in a community or attending an event is having the freedom to walk around and make connections on your own time, serendipitously as you and others experience the event. You must provide a space for attendees to connect with those they wish to connect with, even if they’re apart, in real-time at your hybrid event.

There’s a good chance that some of your attendees are not attending in person, but they still want to connect with friends and colleagues who are. In a hybrid event setting, no one will miss out on a valuable opportunity because they couldn’t attend for whatever reason.

The truth is, if the association is not providing a hybrid space for members to connect, your attendees will still be using their phones to call, text, and tweet their experiences and to connect with others. Provide your attendees the space to create their own connections. Create virtual serendipity through AI-generated feeds of not only curated content but connections with similar interests.

Provide a Space for Networking

Networking is a major part of any event. People are always looking to connect with one another. Curating unique events for networking and providing a space for virtual and in-person attendees to meet will go a long way in keeping your attendees engaged during the event.  

1-to-1 video calls, breakouts, chat, and group roundtable discussions are just a few ways your members can network on your single destination platform.

Hybrid Intersections of Connectivity are those that bring an in-person participant together with a virtual participant. Want to learn more? Let’s explore the challenges within these newfound intersections of connectivity and learn how to create more of these connections at events and year-round! Download our latest ebook now.